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The ban of using ladders on building sites by HSE This is not true; ladders can and are used in short heights as a practical option. Ladders are used when the use of other equipment and machinery is not allowed or justified. Ladders are a better option especially where the duration of work is short for example less than 30 minutes. Another reason why using of ladders is justified is instances in which the features of the workplace or site [...]

With this prolonged period of abnormally hot weather probably going to happen, lots of people are changing focus to the Barbeque and others to the sandy shores of the ocean between high and low water marks. However who those individuals who will not have the chance to visit and still be committed at job place, it is necessary to have at hand the additional consequences the boiling conditions can bring about in the UK. What are the dangers? Lots of people [...]

In the UK among the number of those dying in the workplace, the majority are between the ages of 16-24 years. Even though this number has started to decline drastically, the health and safety executive has set new methods of educating this young workforce. It is discouraging that these young individuals are losing their lives because they are not adequately educated and informed about the possible dangers they face at the workplace. It is with this issue in mind [...]