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With this prolonged period of abnormally hot weather probably going to happen, lots of people are changing focus to the Barbeque and others to the sandy shores of the ocean between high and low water marks. However who those individuals who will not have the chance to visit and still be committed at job place, it is necessary to have at hand the additional consequences the boiling conditions can bring about in the UK. What are the dangers? Lots of people [...]

Despite company fires hardly occurring, when the do arise they can be so much stressing. To stop this from happening, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 started functioning commencing October 2006, carrying with it more than seventy different parts of the fire safety rules and regulations. The command states that a keen individual should take a fire protection risk research and put in practice and ensure to have a light management guide. In this plan which originated first [...]

If a health and protection personnel has never dropped by at work and putting into consideration the environment and the percentage of risk one is exposed during work. Many individuals in the UK may have been that there is probably a propensity to raise a concern or to be anxious about what might be impending within the period of one dropping by. However, if one is taking care of his or her hygiene in a required way, there won’t [...]

In this exceptional guest feature, Andrew  Sharman, who is on the Board of IOSH and holds the position of the Vice Chairman speaks out his professional and personal opinions with regards to management of different incidences of risks in his day to day life which includes swimming with sharks besides other activities. Last weekend at a dinner party, our conversation slowly drifted, and we eventually started talking about work. He threw a question at me inquiring what I did to [...]

As seasons of summer end ushering in colder and wetter temperatures, lots of people will be anticipating to remain in the home during this darker days. For many employees, however, it is not naturally a better option. What’s more, with rainy weather many more harmful conditions come by some which can be so fatal to one’s health. However, by putting in practice these simple ways, the probability of employees getting hurt will be minimal. One of the common dangers in [...]

In the UK among the number of those dying in the workplace, the majority are between the ages of 16-24 years. Even though this number has started to decline drastically, the health and safety executive has set new methods of educating this young workforce. It is discouraging that these young individuals are losing their lives because they are not adequately educated and informed about the possible dangers they face at the workplace. It is with this issue in mind [...]