The Health & Safety side of Orangeries

The Health & Safety side of Orangeries

When it comes to building a new orangery, conservatory or garden room, there are numerous health and safety issues to consider. It is, after all, highly important that you consider the health and safety aspects of your orangery before building it. That way, you will enjoy the benefits of your new extension, without worrying too much about coming into any harm or causing any accidents.

Health and safety issues during the construction process

Just as with any building project, there are many health and safety issues to consider when building an orangery or conservatory extension. Not only is it important to employ a reliable builder that has proven experience in construction work, if you are helping physically on the build yourself, you should ensure you wear the suitable personal protective equipment, like masks, goggles and gloves, in order to protect yourself.

In some cases, where you may have pedestrians and vehicles passing the building site, you may want to use signs to warn them of any hazards in the surrounding area.

Safe electricity and heating installations

Just like you should ensure you employ a credible and experienced builder, you should employ a professional plumber or electrician, where necessary, to help you with any water and electric installations.

After all, you do not want to break any existing wires or pipes. In addition, they’ll advise you of the most suitable areas for your electric and, or water, supply (if you do indeed require a water supply in your new conservatory).

Sun burn

It may seem a little too cautious, however, you should think about the amount of time you spend in your orangery during the summer months, particularly if it features a large amount of glass.

This is because if it is not shaded or sheltered in any place you may be exposed to excessive sunlight, posing the risk of sun burn in your orangery.

You can avoid excessive sunlight in your orangery by building it in a shaded area of your property or adding pieces of furniture or blinds to improve the look of your prestige lanterns. What’s more, the normal application of sun cream is recommended during the summer months.

Anti-slip flooring or stair edges

If you have an external door on your orangery or conservatory, you may wish to install anti-slip flooring so that you don’t become victim to slip, trips or falls during the wetter weather.

What’s more, you may feel more confident to welcome elderly relatives and people with disabilities into your home if you have anti-slip flooring at the entrances or exits.

Keeping your orangery safe

When adding any extension to your home it is important to consider its safety and make sure you do your best to consider all potential hazards. That way you will benefit from your orangery as much as possible.

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