Health and Safety Responsibilities for Employers to Embrace

Health and Safety Responsibilities for Employers to Embrace

The HSE has provided 12 essential facts that every director needs to grasp. The board has not only a legal obligation but also a duty to ensure that the employers manage effectively for good health and safety of their employees. The universal plan demonstrates how to involve and integrate safety and health standard practice in management systems.

The major aim of the plan is to ensure that all the employees and other stake holders do not suffer harm during the course of duty. The overall goal is also a basic requirement for all employers to embrace in safe guarding the wellbeing of the workers in their sites of work .HSE has provided the framework to all employers and has requested immediate response and action to be taken for the employers who show little or no response at all to this orders.

Part of the HSE mission is not only to ensure safety but also to ensure that the right policies are in place to ensure the employees are competent people. Hiring of workers requires that all the personnel possess the relevant skills for the job in order to avoid incidences which occur due ignorance. For example, hiring an electrician instead of a chemical engineer in a quality control laboratory will not only cause accidents but will provide room for poor services and even accidents in any business premise in UK.

HSE demands that all employers practice high safety and health standards by not only involving the staff but also other volunteers. Involvement of all stake holders aids in making sure that all parties involved know their obligation and responsibilities in ensuring quality working environment.

Obedience to the law is essential but should also be noted that it’s just the basic minimum requirement for all the employers that they need to obey. HSE needs to be seen as the key to business performance and by adopting all the recommended measures then the organization avoids the repercussions. Healthy   and safety regulations need to be viewed as not only regulatory compliance burden but as the key to business success and high performance realization. There are is need to develop regulatory measures for all aspects involving performance of the systems, culture, safe working and the extent of healthy safety failures.

It’s important to avoid accidents and incidences this helps to prevent the legal and financial obligations accompanied .The organization needs to be led by risk occurrence information rather than the law. The organization should assess and create a risk profile its associated hazards .The risks and whom they can harm call for an essential assessment in order to reduce the frequency of occurrence. The risk profile needs to embedded within the organization and not imaginary.

In the UK the staff is one of the biggest assets for the organization and it’s important to introduce the importance and need to transfer positive safety precautions from workplace, road, home and during leisure activities.  It’s more likely that the staff may be absent from work because of the incidence of an accident that occurred outside the workplace. Therefore in order to avoid being on the losing side it’s better to encourage safety everywhere according to the HSE.

The management team and the council must ensure that there is suitable risk information and awareness in the avoiding ignorance it will help lower the rate of accident occurrence in the workplace within the UK. It is easier to confront such cases of accidents in the workplace when the staff and other employees are made aware of the possible incidences involved.

The organization must be professional and honest in reporting and assessing risks that may occur or those that have already occurred because is by this nature that mistakes can be corrected. This culture will enable all stakeholders to know why things went wrong during an activity.

The organizations within UK are requested to reinforce the essence of the fact that good health and safety practice pays. The importance of being responsive and obedient to the HSE plays a major role in ensuring that all the risks are avoided.

Finally, the council must recognize and celebrate outstanding healthy and safety performance through awards and appraisals for the various staff members or departments that have responded effectively to the safety and health measures of the HSE. Safety award plays a good role in motivation of the staff and all other stakeholders.

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