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You may have been hearing a lot of noise about FinTech.  However, if you are finding yourself scratching your head, and asking what is FinTech, then this guide is exactly what you need.  What does FinTech stand for? FinTech’s definition is financial technology, which provides an easy way to distribute technology, which is used in the financial sector. “This could help in areas such as mobile phone payment, money transfers, loans and even help with asset management.” states business expert John Green [...]

There is a whole variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) that should be used and worn appropriately by different trades. From ‘hot works’ to freezing environments, it is important to have safe, durable gear appropriate for the workplace. There are significant differences, for example working in agriculture compared to in radiation or construction industries. Protective shades vary for different welding, cutting and brazing operations in the general industry and the construction industry has separate requirements for filter lens protective [...]

Building regulations are so important when designing a property, and in the UK there are very specific requirements that ensure people are kept safe. That’s why Document K was created as part of building regulations, and this specific set of regulations protects staff and visitors to your property from falling, collisions, or impact. So how can you ensure you are compliant with Document K? Here’s a basic guide to what the document includes and what you need to do. Stairs Stairs [...]

A Fleet Risk Audit is defined as the process of gathering work related road safety information and then acting upon it. This means a complete comprehensive operation that covers all the company’s vehicles. This naturally is not as easy as it sounds. However many people are sceptical about the importance of such an audit and unfortunately they do not do it. The process is rather difficult and delicate as it involves maintaining a record that shows or demonstrates how [...]