The Future of FinTech

The Future of FinTech

You may have been hearing a lot of noise about FinTech.  However, if you are finding yourself scratching your head, and asking what is FinTech, then this guide is exactly what you need.

 What does FinTech stand for?

FinTech’s definition is financial technology, which provides an easy way to distribute technology, which is used in the financial sector. “This could help in areas such as mobile phone payment, money transfers, loans and even help with asset management.” states business expert John Green from BBC Business.

What does FinTech enable business’ to do?

With FinTech blowing up in recent years, it has changed the way that companies do business. FinTech has enabled entrepreneurs to source money in unconventional ways such as crowd funding instead of turning to the bank for a business loan, which is the traditional route.  It is now easier than ever to set up a business and to expand that business thanks to new financial technology.

Many companies like FinTech compliance offer professional and reliable advice and help for entrepreneurs who want to set up their own companies. Helping new start ups to apply for authorization from the financial regulators who operate in the UK. Furthermore FinTech compliance specialist advice on all technology based problems and FCA compliance. They work directly with a company and assist them with any problems they may encounter. Here is an infographic explaining Fintech more:


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