While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to “disrupt” the world of business in so many ways and across all industries, the pharmaceutical sector is no exception as attention turns to the rush to bring a cure to market and industry major players step up their digital marketing efforts in the race to win over customers. Global antiviral drugs market moving at 3.7% Increasing numbers of patients falling to viral infections, and the corresponding research and development efforts by “big pharma” to develop [...]

A clean orderly house isn’t just a nice convenience; it’s a necessity for maintaining your health, both mentally and physically. Time Magazine published a study conducted by associate professor Nicole Keith at Indiana University’s Department of Physical Activity that found a direct correlation between a clean home and healthy inhabitants. Study participants consisted of 998 African Americans who were 49 to 65 years of age. This demographic has a high risk of heart disease. Researchers compared the cleanliness of the [...]