Heating Hacks for the Office Staying Toasty on the Job

Heating Hacks for the Office Staying Toasty on the Job

There’s few things more distracting while you’re working than being cold, so when you’re trying to get on with your job, feeling chilly is hardly ideal. If you work in, or are responsible for, an office full of people, you may be wondering how you can heat things up this winter to ensure the cold doesn’t creep into the working day.

Here are a few suggestions for ways that both employees and their boss can work to keep themselves, and the office they spend so much time in, nice and warm…

What you can do as an employee…

Office slippers

If you’ve not tried wearing slippers at your desk yet, trust us, it’s a game changer, and will make coming into the office just that little bit more appealing. Toasty slippers can keep your feet warm while you work, which, in turn, will make the rest of you feel warmer too. There’s science behind it too – blood vessels dilating when your feet are warm encourages good circulation, stimulating blood flow and warming the rest of the body as a result.

Hot water bottle

Have it on your lap, against your back, or propped at the side of the chair; a hot water bottle stays warm for a long time – meaning that you will too! Anything heated does the same thing as having warm feet – the blood can circulate better, meaning warmth spreads throughout your body.

Bear in mind that a larger hot water bottle will stay warm for longer, with between 3-6 hours of toasty heat awaiting you.

Warm food and drinks

Like you needed an excuse to make another coffee – hot food and drink will help warm you from the inside, so salads and iced lattes are out, and soups and cups of tea are in. A hot mug warms frozen fingers too!

What you can do as an employer…

Exclude draughts

Cold air will find any excuse to enter the office, which could be affecting your employee’s comfort in the office, and the price of your energy bill.

When it comes to a chilly breeze where there shouldn’t be one, your glazing is often a culprit, which means that draughts could be coming in around windows and doors – luckily, this is an easy fix for a professional glazier, who can fit seals, strips and foam in problem areas to stop a draught in its tracks.

Plug-in heaters

Sometimes, it makes more sense to localise the heating in your office, particularly if you operate hybrid working, and not every desk is taken every day. This is where portable plug-in heaters can come in handy, stationed next to employees and keeping them toasty all day.

Plug-in heater options include oil-filled radiators, convection heaters and fan heaters.

Invest in high quality heating

If you really want to invest in the comfort of your employees, you can do so, either with wall mounted radiators, or modern radiant heating panels that are designed to easily slot into an office and still kick out a lot of heat. Some of them can even go on the ceiling!

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