7 Warning Signs Of Rogue Locksmiths

7 Warning Signs Of Rogue Locksmiths

The internet alone contains many locksmiths that aren’t as legitimate as they seem. They may have little or no knowledge in master key cutting or lock picking and instead are after your money, your keys and even your identity!

In the US it is thought that up to 95% of online Locksmiths online are in some way bogus. In the UK, the same scams exist however we are universally regulated by the MLA, while licensing in the USA is only required by law in 15 states. The ‘Master Locksmith’s Association’, that recognizes Prime Alert Locksmiths London,warns the public about the dangers of uncertified MLA Locksmiths that operate in the UK without proper accreditation.

It is important to remember that of these horror stories; there are many regulated and well-qualified locksmiths out there with masterful skills – sometimes learned over many years with companies handed down from Father to Son and beyond.

They may have little or no knowledge in master key cutting or lock picking. However, they are willing to take a quick buck overcharging for a job or even worse, stealing, scamming or ripping off personal details or thefts arising from identity fraud or key duplication.

These scams are occurring worldwide – taking advantage of what is arguably, an essential public service, perhaps due to the very different licensing, regulations and best practices that vary country to country. The desperation and urgency of these situations arising mean that people, young and old, are being exploited by many different types of dishonest scams.

With the help of K C Locksmiths in Worthing, UK, we’ve pencilled you a list of warning signs that one should bear in mind when browsing for locksmiths online.

Online Reviews – LACK-OF OR NEGATIVE

The ever-review focused online world makes it completely necessary for any trade in the UK to have an online presence that includes the feedback from clients and customers.

If there are none to be found it is likely that the company many not be as reputable as you’d hoped.

Answer Phone/Helpline

Number may be duplicated all over the internet in multiple areas) WITH A GENERIC ANSWER OR MACHINE SAYING: “LOCKSMITHS, how may I help?” or “Locksmiths Services” etc

Unbelievably Low Prices

Bait ‘n’ Switch Tactic to REEL YOU IN, then charge exponentially more when the job happens.

No Logo/Brand

Arriving in a plain, unbranded and non-sign written van while wearing non-uniform work clothes when claiming to work for a large locksmith company could mean this Locksmiths isn’t all (s)he makes out.

Destroys Door Handle/Lock

By drilling off the entire door lock before attempting to unpick or unlock the broken lock ensures a higher cost replacement. Master Locksmiths will avoid drilling at all costs.

Cash Only Requested

Alarm bells should be ringing if UK business is utterly insistent on this payment method. Check over the phone that you will be invoiced if you decide to go ahead with the job.

Word Of Mouth

Always asks around for a recommended Local Locksmiths– the locality and lack of anonymity bode much better for a great master lock change or key cutting service.

For more information about Licenced Locksmiths check out national guidelines here: https://www.locksmiths.co.uk/about/trade/mla-sectors/

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