How to Expand Your Company Without Hiring Staff

How to Expand Your Company Without Hiring Staff

Managing rapid growth is a problem many business owners hope they will face one day, but growth can present you with some tough puzzles to solve. Overworked staff members are constantly calling for reinforcements, but payroll expenses can quickly spiral out of control. Here are some of the most common solutions to handle expansion without adding permanent staff.

Invite Feedback From Front-Line Staff

Are there ways to reduce the workload for your existing staff? Support staff and front-line personnel are often painfully aware of system redundancies and inefficient processes, but in many companies, no one asks their opinions or passes their complaints up the chain of command. If you ask for their input directly, you’ll not only help them feel empowered, but you might discover some simple ways to streamline your processes and free up staff time. Some employers invite feedback by running an annual contest or offering a reward to any employee whose suggestions save the company money.

Automate Lower Functions

An investment in technology can often liberate employee hours for a much lower cost than adding staff. Is there anything you’re paying your people to do that could be handled by upgrades to your software or hardware? Connecting field personnel directly to your data via cloud computing can eliminate data entry for clerical staff. Adding on to your existing production equipment might eliminate some redundant tasks. Technology is constantly evolving, so it makes sense to review what’s available periodically.

Subcontract Labor

Adding employees doesn’t just increase your payroll. New staffers will need office space, equipment, furniture, training, and supervisory time, as well. That’s why outsourcing and subcontracting are often economical alternatives. New cloud-based collaboration tools are making it easier than ever to partner with subcontracted staff in remote locations.

Form Strategic Partnerships

Another way to keep your company lean is to use strategic partnerships to expand your capabilities for specific projects. Pair up with a firm that can complement or extend your own offerings to go after large contracts. Partnerships have the added advantage of flexibility; you can work together on a project-by-project basis or patch together alliances to meet seasonal needs. Invite your top brass to help you think outside the box and discover allegiances that will work well in your market.

Hire Flex Workers

Part-time, temporary, and home-based employees offer the opportunity to meet short-term staffing needs in flexible ways without necessarily creating a whole new role in your organization. As an added bonus, flex employees often don’t expect to receive a full benefits package, and they may not require dedicated workspace in your crowded office. Another option is to hire through a temp agency to “try on” staffing decisions and see what will work for your growing company.

Managing growth is a good problem to have in a small business, but it’s a genuine challenge at times. When the demand for labor in your organization starts exceeding the supply, try these creative solutions to keep your personnel expenses from outpacing your growing revenue stream.

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