The Hot Season Is Here; How Do You Handle The Heat At Your Workplace

The Hot Season Is Here; How Do You Handle The Heat At Your Workplace

With this prolonged period of abnormally hot weather probably going to happen, lots of people are changing focus to the Barbeque and others to the sandy shores of the ocean between high and low water marks. However who those individuals who will not have the chance to visit and still be committed at job place, it is necessary to have at hand the additional consequences the boiling conditions can bring about in the UK.

What are the dangers?

Lots of people not working in company offices like building employees, farm individuals and people responsible for controlling people and work, will have information about the impending dangers of experiencing the heat emitted from the sunlight. The causative agents of the dangers are the invisible rays that are part of the energy coming from the sun, which in the long run can result in reddening, inflammation, blistering and peeling of the skin or sometimes cause heatstroke and also an increase in the probability of acquiring cancerous growth of abnormal cells. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) site in the UK gives guidelines to follow to keep your skin safe from damage by the heat.

However, those exposed are not only people working outside companies but also those who experience the dangers of the prolonged periods of abnormally hot weather. The fluctuating increase in hotness can result in serious repercussions for all the individuals regardless being in a company or outside a company.

Heat exhaustion which is a condition caused by the body response an excessive loss of water and salt contained in sweat can lead to heavy sweating, weak body, nausea and rapid pulse and the body is overheating resulting in light-headedness. If it stays for long without medication, it can cause thin body and dizziness which can lead to unconsciousness and may cause heat stroke which can be a severe bodily harm condition where an individual’s body cannot control his or her coldness or warmness.

Together with this dangers hot conditions also lead to a lack of energy and enthusiasm and also a lack of power to focus one’s attention or mental effort and also elevates the probability of causing accidents at work. There will be elevated danger through poor use force exerted by an individual either pull or push or lift or reduced ability to make considerable decisions when using equipment and machinery and use of substances that are purified artificially. Employees are required to be a little keener to the rules and regulations like Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations or Control of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulations in the essence of reducing the probability of errors.

Emotional strain and anger can also rise the dangers resulting from heat, causing poor resolution making and associated health risks with the stress work pressure. It is, therefore, necessary to characterize by comprehension method to maintain good health and comfortable state in the hot job surroundings.

Lastly, vehicles drivers have a high probability exposure to the dangers due the nature of their work, and the extra insight is what they expect in ensuring safety when out of the UK roads. It is hence necessary to consider the general health of the drivers and also the increasing dangers of the barefoot.

Guidance for employers in the UK

In the real world, people can keep away from to the revelation to the high degrees job surrounding or at least minimize the disclosure. Nevertheless, in a heat wave this is not always the case, and hence, there are rules and regulations put to reduce the risks to workers. They include;

Giving vacations often. This should occur in the cooler surroundings a distance from the heat emitted by the sun and other equipment and machines emitting heat also. The higher the heat emitted and vigorous work occurs, the more and often the vacations should be.

In the work environment (Health and Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992, employers had to give their workers enough water and toxic air circulation both which can assist control the effects of excess heat as HSE stipulates it.

The HSE  of the UK provides Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  when it is required and necessary. Like in wearing baggy clothing and with bright coloration

Also, one to weigh out if the work can be accomplished at different hours in a different environment and also consider if the job place can be changed, as by use of air conditioning machine and a dehumidifier.

Take note that the employer it is a requirement by HSE  to assess the potential risks systematically. The best way to evaluate the dangers will be through considering the hotness of the place assisting one safety of workers and the company and also ensuring one does not break the law.

Guidelines for workers

As a worker one is required to take individual responsibility for his or her safety and those people surrounding him or her. Considering this an individual can follow the below guidelines;

Taking lots of water. Manual laborers in a hot working place should ensure to take a cup of water for each hour. The workers should also not take any fluid with caffeine, intoxicated constituents of wine and any drink containing sweeteners as it may dehydrate the body

An individual should also consume food often and ensure it contains proteins vitamins and carbohydrates.

One should apply sunscreen oils when getting outside and this should often be implemented to escape sunburns by all means.

An individual should also avoid varying temperatures suddenly like taking a freezing bath and extreme revelation to hot temperatures can lead to a body experiencing abnormally low body temperatures or sudden occurrence of coronary thrombosis.

If one notices heat exhaustion symptoms, he or she should relocate to a cooler environment and relax while taking cold water. On should visit a doctor if no improvement shows up.

Be keen when at work in a dangerous surrounding like equipment and machinery, at high elevations and when using substances artificially made.

If you identify an individual training in a hot environment, look for a workmate and help out.

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