Do You Feel As Though Your Staff Are Lacking Motivation?

Do You Feel As Though Your Staff Are Lacking Motivation?

Are your staff becoming lazy? Do you think they are producing low quality results at work that do not match to previous results? If you are answering yes to both these questions, you need to take action and provide your staff with a burst of fresh air to boost their motivation in work. There are a few steps to follow to boost your staff morale and to getting your staff back to producing consistent high quality work results, do not worry your workplace will be back to normal in no time.

Why Is It Important To Build Relationships With Your Employees?

Boosting your employee performance may seem like a burden and something you feel you cannot achieve, do not worry it can be very simple if you have willing members of staff to take part in the improvements.

You must ensure that your employees know you care about their role within the workplace, if employees feel underappreciated it can cause them to give off a negative impression and their performance will decrease. If you appreciate your staff by recognising their good work it will encourage them to continue to produce good results when you praise them. Make sure that hard work is noted and appreciated.

Having regular feedback sessions can contribute towards the business that you are working in as it can improve ways of work and can help you to remove anything that is causing the work place to slack in certain areas. Make sure that management is available to discuss any topics that may be troubling your employees or for employees to praise certain aspects.

Team building exercises are a brilliant way of building up motivation in the workplace, it helps individuals to identify their own strengths which can ensure they will feel appreciated and also help them to note weaknesses that they can work on. Allowing these activities will also build strong relationships within the workplace ensuring your team can work together to solve problems and will also help the team grow.


Fun Is Important

Don’t forget to have fun – this goes overlooked by many workplaces as the place of work needs to be serious however having a happier environment to work in works wonders for the team. Small social events can help to boost the morale as it gives the staff something to look forward to, these can be seen as rewards for hard work.

Most importantly, you must ensure that your staff are trained in health and safety when in the workplace as it makes your staff feel safe and appreciated. When your staff know that health and safety measures have been taken to ensure they are working in a safe environment it will put confidence in them knowing that they will not be at risk of injury. Health and Safety can sometimes be overlooked, by law you must follow health and safety and be trained in anything that may go wrong.

If you need health and safety training for your workplace or think that you need to update the training you have previously had, Phoenix Health & Safety offer training courses for your business providing you with the right skills for the right reasons.

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