The Myths of Winter Driving Defrosted

The Myths of Winter Driving Defrosted

With the UK weather being so unpredictable it prompts that drivers have to be prepared for all weather conditions more especially that winter condition has started. Snow has become a distinctions possibility according to the HSE office January is expected to have temperatures going as low as -270c .Therefore drivers need to be aware of very heavy snow, it is for this reason that we have put together some top myths to give some top winter driving precautions tips offering advice on skidding, snow falls and much more about fog driving in the UK.

The temperature measurements have indicated a significant drop and therefore it indicates clearly that the coldest winters in the UK generation are yet to be experienced in the coming winter conditions. It’s essential that every driver is well informed about the possible winter facts and myths. One of the myths is that while driving in winter avoid the use of brakes and instead use gears ;this is not true but its advised that brake accelerate and change gears gently and smoothly to avoid skidding.

Keep the vehicle moving in a straight line especially when changing gears and hence effectively changing the speed. If skidding occurs always steer toward the skid is another myth and speculation however, it’s not true but instead steer in the direction for which you were travelling to without accelerating. Drivers are misled that fog lights are only meant in instances in which fog is present however it’s necessary to note that the lights can be used when visibility is highly reduced.

The fog lights do not cause unnecessary glare nor do they reduce the impact of brake lights. Getting a stationery car to move especially when on a slope requires hard reviving I one of the myths that drivers are warned about by the HSE in the UK.  Hard revving makes the ice between the tyres hence creating a polished surface which makes it harder for the car to move. Instead, it’s advised that a higher gear can instead be used to get the car moving. As part of the travel kit as a driver you should ensure it has a shovel or a piece of carpet that you can placed between the car wheels and the ice to enable it move.

Another myth is assumed that once you have cleared your windscreen off the ice you are good to go. However, this is not true because all the windows should be cleared as well as the roof bonnet since some of the ice may slide off hence blocking your vision or the vision of others.

Finally, another myth that drivers should be aware of is that they should not assume that modern technology vehicle will save them in case of mistake or anything that goes wrong. The truth of the matter is that slipper conditions such as ABS and ESC become less effective due to the lack of grip.

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