Introducing Skip Hire Dorsets Clean and Fresh Skip Hire Christmas Promo for Dorset Homes and Businesses

Introducing Skip Hire Dorsets Clean and Fresh Skip Hire Christmas Promo for Dorset Homes and Businesses

It’s an early Christmas for Dorset customers as leading skip hire company, Skip Hire Dorset, announces 10% off skip hire promo captioned “Clean & Fresh”. The company explains that every Dorset customer can enjoy this Christmas deal, whatever their skip hire requirements may be. The idea, according to the company, is to enable Dorset customers to afford and enjoy a beautiful and healthy environment during the holidays.
“Our customers want and deserve a tidy and healthy environment”, the CEO of Skip Hire Dorset said. He explained that the Christmas offer looks to make a clean space a lot more affordable to their customers. According to the CEO, customer location and requirements are not an issue as Skip Hire Dorset provides tailored, cost-effective, and standard services all around the Dorset area. He stated that in the spirit of the season, the company had launched the ‘Clean & Fresh’ 10% promo to ensure a cleaner and fresher holiday season. He further explained that the deal applies to all the company’s skip hire services including domestic and industrial waste removal, and recycling. We look to offer our clients the best value for their requirements and so we have skips of all sizes for any purpose. We also have the special RORO containers for large, commercial projects,” he said.
According to another official of the company, customers need only request a service via phone or online in order to benefit from the discount. “You can rest assured that you will enjoy the discount on our affordable rates once we have discussed your project requirements and recommended the right skip to you. “We have the human and material resources needed to meet the every requirements of our domestic and commercial clients in Dorset, swiftly and unobtrusively”, he added.

Skip Hire Dorset Profile

Skip Hire Dorset are one of UK’s leading and most reliable names in Dorset for skip hire supplies and waste management solutions. They are reputed for being able to provide customers with cost-efficient skip hire options for any project size, purpose or duration. They also have trained skip handlers to manage all kinds and sizes of waste within industry regulations and standards. The company’s skip hires come in different sizes, from the small and portable 4-yard mini skip to the 40-yard commercial skip size with an enclosed or barn door.

Skip Hire Dorset Contact –

Name – Denise Phillips
Company – Skip Hire Dorset
Phone – 0800 772 3859
Website –

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