Regulation of UK Private Detectives For Private Detective St Albans in Hertfordshire

Regulation of UK Private Detectives For Private Detective St Albans in Hertfordshire

The plan of the government to allow the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to manage individual investigation activities including Private Detective St Albans in Hertfordshire was made known in 2013. The plan of the government to see to the implementation of the statutory licensing of private Investigation activities by the next Parliament that commenced on May 2015 was announced by the Home office in December 2014. Even so, private investigations licenses have still not been introduced in the UK.
The onus to see this law of regulating of private investigation services enforced falls on the Home Office who will do this through the SIA. Continuously the SIA educate the public on the future regulation of private investigation services law and to work with the security industry revising the ‘Get Licensed’ standard to remain relevant. Immediately the SIA arrives at a conclusion with the Home Office about possible timings, this would be revealed too.

Who is the licensing for? (

The certifiable acts of private detectives have been defined by the Private Security Industry Act 2001 and state why private detectives need a license when licensing comes in, details are available from Private Detective St Albans There are plans to review the defined activities by the Home Office so that they remain in line with the intended purpose. It is the Home Office that can clarify if some other particular activities will receive licensing in the coming years.
Private investigators and private detectives will, according to the Act, require an SIA certification if there are any investigations, surveillance or inquiries being done for the reason of.

  • gather the necessary details about an individual or the individual’s way about
  • collecting information on the circumstances through which, or causes leading to damage or loss of property. All persons engaging in the provision of services that are in line with private investigations will need to be licenced
  • Employers, employees, supervisors, managers and directors of private investigation firms, coupled with their partners are part of these

Whether the Home Office will also want us to regulate ‘in-house’ private investigations is still unknown.
In the provisions of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, corporate bodies with a directorship, directors of parent companies, shadow directors, non-executive and executive directors are all regarded as “directors” alike.
According to the Act, a license will not be required for the following activities.

  • activities that have the sole intention to serve for market research
  • services to determine credit worthiness
  • professional work in the line of a practicing barrister or solicitor’s duty
  • practicing accountants’ professional activities
  • professional services offered by journalists and newscasters, services to gather news by journalists and newscasters
  • undertakings entirely associated to records which are accessible to the public; documents to which an individual can access as well as published works
  • investigations that the subject is aware of and to which he agrees


When one works as a private investigator without the necessary license, he will be given the following penalties.

  • The biggest punishment of six months imprisonment and / or a fine no bigger than £5,000, after summary conviction at a Magistrate’s Court, Sheriff Court or District Court

Charges for engaging unlicensed personnel will be.

  • If convicted by a Magistrate’s Court, Sheriff Court or District Court, a maximum sentence of six months in prison and/or a fine of £5,000.
  • An unlimited fine and / or no more than five years imprisonment, after conviction on indictment at Crown Court, High Court of Justiciary or Sheriff and jury trial

License ready Private Detective St Albans we are happy to declare that we have taken all the recommended training and have passed all the standards and tests and are now available for the license. All our current and future customers will benefit from this, as we intend to carry out a transition that will not disrupt our day to day business activities.
Please give us a call on 01727 240104 if you are interested in finding out more about Private Detective St Albans who is located in St Albans and covers local areas including, Harpenden, Welwyn Garden City, Oaklands, and the rest of Hertfordshire. Yu can also visit our website at for more details on our services and a good read on what our customers say about their experience with us.

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