Regulatory Measures on UK Private Investigations to Private Investigators Gillingham of Kent

Regulatory Measures on UK Private Investigations to Private Investigators Gillingham of Kent

The plan of the government to allow the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to manage individual investigation activities including Private Investigators Gillingham in Kent was made known in 2013. The Home Office announced in December 2014 that Government expects that the implementation of the initiation of the statutory certification of private investigation sector will become reality during the upcoming Parliamentary meeting, which began in May 2015. Even so, private investigations licenses have still not been introduced in the UK.
The SIA will continue to work with the Home Office, which has the authority for presenting the management of the private examination sector. The SIA have stated that In order to update the ‘Get Licensed’ criteria they will engage with the security industry in advance of the regulation date, and we will continue to promote widely the information about the proposed regulation of the private examinations. Immediately the SIA arrives at a conclusion with the Home Office about possible timings, this would be revealed too.

Who is the licensing for? (

Private Investigators Gillingham can give information about the Private Security Industry Act of 2001 which outlines private investigations activities that are licensable and will point out where to get private investigator training towards gaining a license. The Home Office plans to evaluate this explanation to make sure that it remains suitable for the aim. Therefore, it is recommended to consult Home Office to get the answer for questions relating to whether particular activities will be licensable in future.
Private investigators and private detectives will, according to the Act, require an SIA certification if there are any investigations, surveillance or inquiries being done for the reason of.

  • gather the necessary details about an individual or the individual’s way about
  • collecting information on the circumstances through which, or causes leading to damage or loss of property. All persons engaging in the provision of services that are in line with private investigations will need to be licenced
  • Included in this group are workers, business owners, managers, supervisors, directors and shareholders in a private investigation firm

Whether we would be allowed by the Home Office to also regulate the private investigations that happen “in house” is still in doubt.
As used in the Private Security Industry Act, “director” is anyone who is an executive or non executive director in a company, a shadow director, parent company director or corporate entity holding a director’s position.
The Act provides that a license will not be needed for these activities.

  • activities conducted entirely for market research purposes
  • activities conducted entirely for the purposes of a credit check
  • expert activities of working solicitors and Barristers
  • professional work engaged in by accountants
  • professional services offered by journalists and newscasters, services to gather news by journalists and newscasters
  • activities with direct link to reference to registers accessible to the public, published works, and records and registers which a person is authorised to access
  • undertakings conducted with prior consent and knowledge of the activity being gained and communicated to the subject


When one works as a private investigator without the necessary license, he will be given the following penalties.

  • upon the instant judgment at a Magistrate’s Court, District Court or Sheriff Court, a maximum punishment of six months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £5,000

Having unlicensed staff will bring a penalty of.

  • upon the immediate judgment of a Magistrate’s Court, District Court or Sheriff Court, a maximum sanction of six months imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £5,000
  • If found guilty at Crown Court, High Court of Justice or Sheriff and jury trial, an unlimited fine and/or a sentence of up to five years in prison

It is the delight of Licence ready Private Investigators Gillingham to inform the public that we are now license ready, after attending all the trainings involved and scaling through all the mapped examinations and criteria. All our current and future customers will benefit from this, as we intend to carry out a transition that will not disrupt our day to day business activities.
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