Removals Health & Safety at Work

Removals Health & Safety at Work

It’s a given in the removals industry that we deal with some pretty heavy objects, which have to be transported in some pretty difficult to reach places. At Richardson Moving & Storage, we have transported everything from antiques, to Grand Pianos, to gravestones – so we have experience in moving almost everything, with time spent considering the risks of each individual move. This means that Health & Safety is a crucial part of our everyday work, it’s something which has to be considered at all times, not only for our safety, but also the safety and security of our customers.

To give you an insight into some of the steps to make sure our staff and customers stay safe, we run through some of the typical things we consider during a move, and back at our storage facilities.

Health & Safety Policy

At Richardson Moving & Storage, we are fully compliant and exceed all industry wide health and safety legislation, which has contributed to incredibly few injuries at work. All of our employees are taught our comprehensive Health & Safety Policies, which include everybody from Managing Director to our moving teams. A lot of this stuff is common sense, and it’s always great seeing our staff maintain high standards in this area.

Health & Safety Training

All of our operatives, are put through both internal and external Health & Safety training, which covers everything from how to lift heavy objects, the importance of keeping walkways clear, as well as the precautions taken whilst transporting/driving goods. Years of expertise, help us carry out each move both carefully and safely, protecting not only our workforce – but our customers and their goods in transit.

Health & Safety Equipment

To do our job, and to do it well – we rely on a number of pieces of equipment which make our everyday job a little bit safer. Some of this equipment is industry standard, whilst others are a little more bespoke to our services. Below is one of our most interesting additions, a custom made ramp which fits perfectly to the back of our wagons, making loading and unloading infinitely easier, and safer for all involved!

Other health & safety equipment deployed on a day to day basis includes all aspects of PPE, lifting straps, furniture covers as well as the right vehicles for the job.

Health & Safety Risks

Without wanting to scare anybody who is interested in a career in removals away from the industry… below we run through some of the most common injuries and accidents which happen across the removals industry.


Lifting is one of the most obvious issues which our removals teams face. However, with correct planning and manual handling training in place, there’s no room for any of our team members to handle more than they can manage. Often, avoiding an accident and injury in lifting heavy items starts from the packing process. Lighter items should go in big boxes, whilst heavier items in smaller boxes – this simple trick completely prevents boxes from becoming overloaded.


Falls can occur if a proper risk assessment has not been carried out, with any risks being flagged up to team members. At Richardson Moving & Storage, we understand that no move is ‘perfect’ and that hazards do exist, so we do our best to avoid them. To help, all staff wear protective boots, which have excellent levels of grip.
Avoiding falls is something we will cover later in this article, when we discuss obstructions.


The use of lifting straps, professional removals materials, as well as correct manual handling techniques almost eliminate the risk of drops – for emergencies however, all of our staff are supplied with very comfortable, and equally very stylish steep toe capped boots.


At a move, we always make sure that the pathways and access routes between our transport, and your home remain clear. Our moving teams often cannot see too far ahead, when carrying large items – so confidence in knowing that their route is clear is essential. Boxes, trip hazards etc. should all be stored away from the main access points.

Driving & Transport

All of our moving teams enjoy access to the very finest vehicles, many of which boast excellent features which make a massive difference to the success of a move day. These features can include anything from all round cameras, air suspension, comfortable cabins (many of which are sleepers) and also easy access, and segregated load areas – allowing us to carry any load, whilst never overloading our vehicles.

Recycling & Disposal

Health & Safety doesn’t just cover obligations to property and people – it also encompasses our responsibility to the environment. In both our domestic and commercial recycling contracts, all waste is disposed of safely through the correct channels, minimising our impact to the environment.

Choose Richardson Moving & Storage

Whether you are moving down the road, or across the world – our teams provide the same excellent levels of attention to detail and customer service on your move. All of our team members have years of industry experience, internal and external training, are fully insured and operate in the very best, purpose built removals vehicles. From initial meeting to move completion, we are proud of everything we do.

If you need our services, please just get in touch.

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