Skip Hire Bury Launches Clean and Fresh Skip Hire Christmas Promo for Burys Residents

Skip Hire Bury Launches Clean and Fresh Skip Hire Christmas Promo for Burys Residents

Bury homes and businesses will enjoy a 10% off “Clean & Fresh” Christmas deal from major skip hire company, Skip Hire Bury. The company explains that every Bury customer can enjoy this Christmas deal, whatever their skip hire requirements may be. The idea, according to the company, is to enable Bury customers to afford and enjoy a beautiful and healthy environment during the holidays.
“Everyone loves the look and smell of a tidied and well-maintained environment, free from all debris or rubbish littering around somewhere,” the company CEO said. He said that Bury homes and businesses can now maintain a clean environment without worrying about costs, thanks to “Clean & Fresh”. He said that the company can reach their customers wherever they are in Bury quickly, with cost-effective, bespoke services that meet relevant regulations. He stated that in the spirit of the season, the company had launched the ‘Clean & Fresh’ 10% promo to ensure a cleaner and fresher holiday season. “The offer goes for all of our waste removal and recycling services. At Skip Hire Bury, we have all the varieties of skip hires to fit the needs and requirements of different clients. We even stock extra-large RORO containers for large-scale commercial projects in the area”, he concluded.
Customers can contact the company by phone or online to take advantage of the Christmas offer, revealed another company executive. “We’ll discuss your project type and requirements with you and recommend the best fit size and type for you. We give you a friendly rate with an instant 10% discount. “We have the human and material resources needed to meet the every requirements of our domestic and commercial clients in Bury, swiftly and unobtrusively”, he added.

Brief Information on Skip Hire Bury

Skip Hire Bury is one of the foremost skip hire companies in the Bury area. The company is well-known for being able to meet customer requirements in skip size and type. For any purpose. Customers have come to see the company as a skip hire service with the expertise needed to handle any waste size and type in the area. The company has the full range of skips from small 4-yard skips to the large 40-yard skips for commercial waste removal.

Skip Hire Bury Contact –

Name – Lisa Walker
Company – Skip Hire Bury
Phone – 0800 772 3859
Website –

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