The Responsibilities of an Employer

The Responsibilities of an Employer

The law requires that employers both self -employed and employees have a personal responsibility for their health and safety according to HSE in the UK. Also, they are required to perform a DBS check on potential employees to check for any issues in their background history. The following outline provides a large scope of how and when the law applies to the employers.

According to HSE it’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure safety and welfare of their workers is promoted and protected including other clients associated with the business. For this reason employers in the UK must ensure and do all it takes to protect all its involved parties’ in order to achieve this. This implies that employees should be protected from and against anything that may cause harm or endanger the life and health of the workers. It’s the role of the employer to ensure that anything should not occur during discharge of duties within the workplace.

Employers have a mandate and compulsory role under HSE to ensure that they assess risks in the workplace. The risk audit also demands that the employer after carrying out the assessment should be able to address all the danger and risks that may cause injury and accidents in the workplace. It’s also a requirement under HSE that the employer should provide information about the audited risks and have all its employees protected and equally provide training on how to handle such cases. For example if one of the risks assessed is fire break out all the employees should be protected against the fire and trained on what to do during such an occurrence.

Employers are advised by HSE to consult widely from the employees either through appointed workers or by a representative from the trade union. By consultation the employer can be able to make informed decisions on the possible ways and means to protect the workers .according to the requirements under safety of the workers it is necessary to ensure that all the risks are well addressed.

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