The UK Private Investigation Law Regulations For Private Investigator West Sussex in West Sussex

The UK Private Investigation Law Regulations For Private Investigator West Sussex in West Sussex

The government through the Home Secretary in 2013 indicated it plans to mandate the Security Industry Authority (SIA), under which Private Investigator West Sussex in West Sussex falls, with the task of regulating private investigation services. In the month of December 2014, the government through the Home Office announced plans to have statutory licenses for private instigations come into effect at the earliest possible opportunity in the next session of parliament that was to commence in May of 2015. The certification of private detectives, however, still didn’t begin in the UK.
Collaborations between the Home Office which is saddled with the task of introducing the private investigation sector regulation and the SIA will be upheld. The SIA will cooperate with the safety industry to keep the “Get Licensed” criteria up to date while they wait for regulation to begin and they will keep on publishing at large additional information about the suggested regulation of private detectives. Immediately the SIA arrives at a conclusion with the Home Office about possible timings, this would be revealed too.

Who Will Require a Licence? (

Are private investigators licensed? The services offered by private investigators needing a licence are described by the Private Security Industry Act 2001 details of which are available from Private Investigator West Sussex ( The Home Office plans to evaluate this explanation to make sure that it remains suitable for the aim. The Home Office is, therefore, the right place to go for any clarifications on whether any security service is licensable or not.
Private investigators that will be required to get an SIA license the Act states are those who carry out shadowing, questionings or searching to.

  • gaining information about a specific person or about that specific person’s location or activities
  • collecting information on the circumstances through which, or causes leading to damage or loss of property. All persons engaging in the provision of services that are in line with private investigations will need to be licenced
  • Employers, employees, supervisors, managers and directors of private investigation firms, coupled with their partners are part of these

Whether the Home Office will also want us to regulate ‘in-house’ private investigations is still unknown.
Director, for the purposes of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, means executive and non-executive directors, parent firm directors and business institutions that have directorship.
The following acts, as stated in the Act, will not be needing a license.

  • activities conducted entirely for market research purposes
  • credit check related activities
  • professional services offered by lawyers and advocates
  • expert activities of practising accountants
  • professional undertakings by journalists and broadcasters, and actions solely connected to gathering information for use in broadcasting and journalism
  • services offered to the public contained in open registers; registers or documents fully accessible to individuals; and material that has been made public
  • activities carried out with the knowledge or assent of the subject of the inspection


When one works as a private investigator without the necessary license, he will be given the following penalties.

  • A fine of £5,000 or a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment is given when the person is convicted by a Sheriff Court, District Court or a Magistrates Court

Sanctions for providing for unlicensed personnel will be.

  • The biggest punishment of six months imprisonment and / or a fine of up to £5,000, after summary conviction at a Magistrate’s Court, Sheriff Court or District Court
  • A fine of unlimited degree or a five years imprisonment will be given when the person is convicted upon indictment at a Sheriff and jury trial, High Court of Justiciary or a Crown Court

Certified Private Investigator West Sussex is glad to declare that we have fulfilled all the criteria and tests and that we have done the required training and we are now license ready. What this implies to our current and future clients is that there will be no disruption of services during the shift.
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