4 Tips for Improving Health and Safety at Business Events

4 Tips for Improving Health and Safety at Business Events

Business events used to be straightforward to run. In other words, the hardest part was selecting a theme and making sure everything went to plan on the day. But, over the last few years, health and safety have been huge and it is something that you have to plan in advance. Simply, people will not attend business events that do not communicate and have good health and safety procedures in place.

Do not panic if you are in charge of planning business events. Instead, read our tips for improving health and safety so that everyone can have a good time.

Know the Size of the Venue

First of all, you are going to have to organise the right venue. This means carrying out an assessment on whether it is suitable for the business event you are organising. For example, social distancing is something that everyone expects now. So, you need to ensure that your venue is big enough to accommodate this.

Therefore, always know the maximum size of the venue. You want to ensure that you are not near this number with the number of guests you have going to your business event. It is better to have more space than not enough. This is particularly true if you are going to be adopting social distancing and making sure guests feel safe.

Locate the Nearest Facilities

Nobody wants to think about an accident happening. But, when you are planning a business event, this is something you have to do. For example, how far is the nearest hospital from the venue? Is the location accessible for fire and police services? Knowing how far they are away allows you to conclude whether this is the right venue, as well as what you should do in an emergency.

So, always make sure that you locate the nearest facilities you might need in an emergency before your business event. You should keep these handy so that staff will have access to them. So, if anything does go wrong, you can act quickly.


Coach the Staff

You are going to have a lot of staff working at a business event. After all, you want to make sure that everyone that attends has a good time. You will have to coach the staff on basic health and safety so that mistakes are not made. When the staff are able to follow instructions, you can enjoy peace of mind and know that the night is going to go by plan. What’s more, when guests see staff following the rules, this can make them feel at ease too.

If you do not have time to coach staff, you can always hire event staff from an agency. In doing so, whether it’s brand ambassadors, temporary event managers, or hospitality staff, you can be assured of a successful event. Employees will be motivated and make sure that your business has a good impression on guests. You can save time and still know that you are going to have a team of highly trained, vetted and motivated professional staff that is ready for the business event.

Consider Security

If you are having a large business event and there are a lot of people going, it might be advisable to think about having security. This can include having professionals on the doors, as well as a security check for guests. While this can seem like a lot for a business event, it can be necessary for city locations where people could wander in without an invite. Having security means that this is not going to happen and people cannot bring in prohibited items.

What’s more, having security can make your guests feel safer. They know that everyone has been screened prior to entry. Again, it is unlikely that something would go wrong when it comes to security. But, it is best to be safe rather than sorry. This is going to be an added expense but one that is worth it when everything goes to plan. So, consider having security staff, bag checks and even having to show ID and tickets at the door. This is all done prior to entering so that guests can come in after all the checks and not have to do anything more.



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