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Are your staff becoming lazy? Do you think they are producing low quality results at work that do not match to previous results? If you are answering yes to both these questions, you need to take action and provide your staff with a burst of fresh air to boost their motivation in work. There are a few steps to follow to boost your staff morale and to getting your staff back to producing consistent high quality work results, do [...]

Whatever kind of business you run, one of the most important assets you have is your workforce. They ultimately have a bigger influence on the success or failure of your company than any other factor. The relationship between a company and its employees is almost symbiotic – each needs the other to survive and thrive. All of these are grandiose reasons for telling you something that you should already know intuitively. A business needs to look after its people, and [...]

Managing rapid growth is a problem many business owners hope they will face one day, but growth can present you with some tough puzzles to solve. Overworked staff members are constantly calling for reinforcements, but payroll expenses can quickly spiral out of control. Here are some of the most common solutions to handle expansion without adding permanent staff. Invite Feedback From Front-Line Staff Are there ways to reduce the workload for your existing staff? Support staff and front-line personnel are often painfully [...]

The internet alone contains many locksmiths that aren’t as legitimate as they seem. They may have little or no knowledge in master key cutting or lock picking and instead are after your money, your keys and even your identity! In the US it is thought that up to 95% of online Locksmiths online are in some way bogus. In the UK, the same scams exist however we are universally regulated by the MLA, while licensing in the USA is only [...]

With the Rental Property Market in the South East of the UK positively booming, those with second properties or a selection of small properties are finding more instant and appealing ways to advertise their listings. Huge, interactive comparison websites in the property market now offer free listings for both buying and rental, even seeing estate agents around the country utilising this tool to its full potential. The House Shop are a sleek, modern, online sales and rental site, that [...]

When it comes to building a new orangery, conservatory or garden room, there are numerous health and safety issues to consider. It is, after all, highly important that you consider the health and safety aspects of your orangery before building it. That way, you will enjoy the benefits of your new extension, without worrying too much about coming into any harm or causing any accidents. Health and safety issues during the construction process Just as with any building project, there are [...]

At its heart, professional stores management is about process and order and when done properly can make a significant impact on the financial performance in a manufacturing organisation. With the right system in place, manufacturers can ensure that they maximise production whilst minimising stockholding and wastage. Utilising Just In Time (JIT) techniques coupled with professional stores management firms can see massive efficiency and productivity gains. How should stores be organised for maximum efficiency? Professionally managed Stores typically have a reliable process and [...]

At one stage, the world belonged to the baby boomers; now they increasingly have to compete with the millennials – the generation born after 1985 – that have very different ideas about how the world and the office should be run. This is a generation unwilling to be shaped to fit in, one which instead seeks to shape its surroundings. It’s a generation comfortable with change, sociable yet competitive, ambitious yet keen to work more ethically and give something [...]

Safety within the work environment is an essential thing particularly if your career is listed among what some call ‘hot works’. Hot works are jobs that employ the use of dangerous equipment and generally present a dangerous working environment for the worker. Welding for instance is a hot work that involves the use of a hot oxy/gas equipment and acetylene, other similar jobs include construction jobs, air-arc gouging ad many others. The dangerous working environment can be at times very [...]

The workplace is full of equipment and other factors that are dangerous to workers. It is therefore important to know the things, equipment or processes that can harm you. This is called a risk assessment. In definition a risk assessment is a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm. A risk assessment is thus a [...]