The working population is the backbone of any country. It is the farmers, construction workers, office workers and many others who make it all happen for the rest of the population. Such people are so crucial for the economy and that is why it is important that they remain healthy at work. However it is a rather sad situation in the UK that health and work are not commonly thought of in the same page. We tend to overlook [...]

Violating Health and Safety practices in the UK is one of the most serious offences that you can do. This is the same even for contractors that are carrying out construction works. They are supposed to come up with the best safety practices that will minimize chances of accidents occurring in the construction site. Mr. Phillip Affleck, a Cheshire contractor, had to learn this the hard way after he was fined by a UK court for not putting in place [...]

Date 21st September 2015 A UK based company; Berneslai Homes limited has been fined following a safety standard audit carried out by the HSE during the maintenance duty of council owned personal and domestic properties. The court was informed that HSE carried out the risk assessment following reports that an employee belonging to Berneslai Homes Ltd had been electrocuted while in the course of duty. According to the HSE finding the worker got an electric shock while he was busy [...]

If you question anybody to state the most hazardous occupations they can figure out, often one is greeted with the usual similar old responses and answers. Racing of cars by the car drivers? Persons travelling in spacecraft? Bomb disposal professional? While it is so evident that this activity can be dangerous, it is a way of earning enough money to pay for everything one needs. Good health and safety statics from the HSE building indicate that a portion of [...]