What is CMS? A content management system is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. What CMS systems are out there? Some popular content management systems include Joomla, Drupal and SharePoint.  This infographic will take you through the benefits that you must know about CMS, if you are thinking about implementing it into your business. There are some great advantages on using CMS, these are listed down on this very educational infographic. Please take a look [...]

Wolverine, Iron man, Spiderman and the Hulk all working in a warehouse? Who says miracles don’t happen. If you own a warehouse you probably know how hard it can be to find the right employees as it is not an easy job for anyone to do and it can sometimes be quite physical. Imagine if your whole workforce was entirely made up of superheroes how much easier would life be. Now you can, PeopleVox have created this infographic to [...]

Collecting employee data has never been more important to employers. In a security-conscious culture, it’s an important part of the vetting process, which can be ongoing as promotions enable access to more sensitive company data. HR needs data to manage equalities monitoring and to keep track of any special employee support needs. But data leaks can place employees at risk, and in this age of cyber warfare, that’s an ever-increasing problem. In making data more secure, it is first [...]

Across the UK, there has been an increase in the number of compensation claims made against Travel companies over the last year.  Experts say this is as result of the fact that more holidaymakers are looking to get more value for money especially in the wake of the Post-Brexit economy. The claims made vary between travellers seeking compensation for holidays that didn’t meet expected standards, to illnesses and injuries sustained while abroad. Insurance claims are equally on the up.  In the [...]

Recent research from credit card provider Marbles finds that a number of London commuters could save a significant amount of time by choosing to take the train instead of the car. Marbles have looked at a number of common commuting locations and have created an infographic to show the journey time and costs involved with taking both transport methods. This means commuters can look up their location and find out which option is the most economical and which has the [...]

Massively expanding their company is any business leader’s dream, but what happens when your growth is taking you international? That’s even better, but ‘better’ isn’t always easier. You will have to struggle with the complexities that arise from doing business in a different country, especially one that speaks a different language. From communicating effectively and efficiently with staff to translating and understanding local laws well enough, expanding your business overseas can be daunting and discouraging. When in-house administration becomes impractical Companies [...]

New research from reveals the cleaning habits of Britain’s van drivers – and finds that Cambridge has the highest proportion of drivers who NEVER clean their vehicles. If you’re the sort of person who keeps empty chocolate bar wrappers on their spare seat, dog chews on their floor (not that you’ve ever owned a dog), and a shopping bag containing other shopping bags in their glove compartment, you might be sympathetic to these survey respondents – everyone else, look [...]

Sanctuary Lodge Essex (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) is one of the UK’s leading rehab and detox centre, providing cutting-edge solutions to addiction problems to help clients enjoy a happy and productive life. Sanctuary Lodge is based in Halstead, based on Hedingham Road, with a strong team of well-trained, highly skilled, and experienced addiction practitioners who have been delivering quality results for a long time. Rehabilitation services provided by Sanctuary Lodge encompass all forms of addictions such as alcohol, drug, sex, [...]

If you’re dreaming about building your own construction company, or if you’re a plumber who’d like to up sticks and move to a different part of the country, now you have a tool that can help. With twenty-five trade startups launching every day, architectural ironmongery suppliers, IronmongeryDirect have created a tool that allows users to explore the best cities in the UK to be a tradesman. Each city has been ranked based on local trade company competition, start up survival [...]

Rochdale Metropolitan police has been served with a £13,000 fine plus full costs of £1,317 following an incident that occurred in August 2014 at Springfield Park in Heywood. A child’s fingers were trapped in a gate resulting in two of his left hand fingertips being guillotined by the gate at a park meant for children under 11 years old to play. The result were injuries that will likely affect the child for the rest of his life. According to Health [...]