Electricians to Plumbers – the best cities in the UK for building a career in the trades  

Electricians to Plumbers – the best cities in the UK for building a career in the trades  

If you’re dreaming about building your own construction company, or if you’re a plumber who’d like to up sticks and move to a different part of the country, now you have a tool that can help.

With twenty-five trade startups launching every day, architectural ironmongery suppliers, IronmongeryDirect have created a tool that allows users to explore the best cities in the UK to be a tradesman. Each city has been ranked based on local trade company competition, start up survival rates and advertising costs to name a few

Not only can users use the tool to see how their city fares across the board, but they can also tailor it to their specific needs or filter by each measurement. This means that users can find the best city based on their current career requirements.

The Top Five

Even though some trades may be better off in different cities, there were a handful of cities that stood out for being the best overall tradesman cities:

Brighton – best for builders, carpenters, and gardeners, job availability is quite high across the board, and start-ups tend to survive for more than a year.

ChesterChester is the best option for plumbers, with high start-up survival rates, low advertising costs, and a significant number of jobs available per capita.

Leicester – ideal for gardeners, there are few competing companies in the area, but high start-up survival rate, making it prime turf for new gardening companies.

Coventry – the top location for electricians, there’s a high number of jobs available in the area, and advertising costs for electricians are low.

Newcastle upon Tyne – one of the best places to build a construction career, there’s a low amount of competition, with minimal advertising costs.

London Trades

It may surprise some to learn that England’s capital ranked only 14th overall on the list of 20. However, London did score highly for construction workers, where it placed 7th. This is due to a high number of courses available and a significant number of hardware stores.

London wouldn’t be the first stop for electricians though, the capital ranked 17th out of 20 for this particular trade. This is thanks to high advertising costs and a low number of jobs available per capita.

If you need to find a plumber near you then Google will always give you local companies.

If you’re a tradesman hoping to start out or if you’re looking to move, then this is the perfect tool to help you evaluate your options and make a decision. Have a look at the tool here, or examine the highlights below:

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