The Perfect Superhero Run Warehouse

The Perfect Superhero Run Warehouse

Wolverine, Iron man, Spiderman and the Hulk all working in a warehouse? Who says miracles don’t happen. If you own a warehouse you probably know how hard it can be to find the right employees as it is not an easy job for anyone to do and it can sometimes be quite physical. Imagine if your whole workforce was entirely made up of superheroes how much easier would life be. Now you can, PeopleVox have created this infographic to show you just who would be where in your ideal superhero run warehouse.

Wolverine would be the perfect customer service agent as he is used to dealing with people he doesn’t like Cyclops aka Scott Summers. Not only would he be good because of his ability to work with people he doesn’t like, he is also not afraid to say when someone is wrong. This is very important in customer services as sometimes the customer is wrong and they need someone to explain to them why they are wrong.

If there are any guardians of the galaxy super fans out there, you’ll be happy to see Rocket and Groot have a place in your ideal workplace too! Groot’s ability to grow to very high heights and his strength make he the perfect alternative to a cherry picker. Rockets quick thinking and ability to solve problems efficiently make him the perfect partner to Groot. His abilities will come in handy and he will be able to think up quick solutions to any problems Groot may occur.

Who would be a great quality control employee?

If it is hard to find a great quality control employee, then Ant-Man is perfect for the role. Ant-Man can shrink down to very small sizes is perfect for checking out the small details which can be easily over looked. The fact he can shrink down to tiny tiny sizes means he is the perfect man for finding any imperfections in your product!

Check out the infographic to see more:

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