Access Mobility Bathrooms: Safer Bathrooms in Workplaces

Access Mobility Bathrooms: Safer Bathrooms in Workplaces

There’s over 10 million people registered as having a disability in the UK and employers have a responsibility to provide facilities for disabled people in the workplace. The equality act of 2010 legislates that employees with disabilities, share exactly the same employment rights as other workers. This act also states that employers are expected to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ within the workplace with regards to access and facilities for disabled staff.

There’s the obvious changes which need to be made, such as using ramps instead of stairs, the addition of a lift, widening of internal and external doorways, as well as repositioning light switches and door handles. These changes however, are not as important as ensuring that your disabled staff, can use the bathroom in comfort, and in safety.
Providing a disabled toilet facility in the workplace, is required by legislation – and is an essential part of an employer’s duty of care to not only their staff, but any disabled visitors to their premises from other companies. Fortunately, the changes and products required to provide a safe access toilet and bathroom are easy to find, and simple to install.

To make it even easier for trade and commercial customers to install the right bathroom product for their staff, we have created a number of Access Bathroom Packages from our own designer bathroom brand, Eastgate. These access suites include an access toilet, at a lower height than standard toilets. A wall mounted sink, as well as a number of handles and grab rails to ensure that your staff can use the toilet and bathroom, safely and with dignity.

All of these packages can be found here. Many of our customers also choose to go one step further, creating a wet room with an access shower within it – offering your disabled staff all of the facilities they need at work to remain happy, and comfortable. If you have any questions about installing an access bathroom/toilet in your workplace, then please just get in touch or visit our site below:

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