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As seasons of summer end ushering in colder and wetter temperatures, lots of people will be anticipating to remain in the home during this darker days. For many employees, however, it is not naturally a better option. What’s more, with rainy weather many more harmful conditions come by some which can be so fatal to one’s health. However, by putting in practice these simple ways, the probability of employees getting hurt will be minimal. One of the common dangers in [...]

In the UK among the number of those dying in the workplace, the majority are between the ages of 16-24 years. Even though this number has started to decline drastically, the health and safety executive has set new methods of educating this young workforce. It is discouraging that these young individuals are losing their lives because they are not adequately educated and informed about the possible dangers they face at the workplace. It is with this issue in mind [...]

The current Construction Design Management rules and regulations (CDM),   depending on the government for sanctification, are to be enforced commencing the month of April, but what do the modifications in the 2015 rules and regulations bring about and how much will a business one is running become affected? The immediate response to this worrying to summarize the issue of the alterations put across by the current Construction Design Management Regulations(CDM), and all the modifications which describe an elaborate manner in [...]