Wet Weather Working: Staying Safe at Work This Autumn

Wet Weather Working: Staying Safe at Work This Autumn

As seasons of summer end ushering in colder and wetter temperatures, lots of people will be anticipating to remain in the home during this darker days. For many employees, however, it is not naturally a better option. What’s more, with rainy weather many more harmful conditions come by some which can be so fatal to one’s health. However, by putting in practice these simple ways, the probability of employees getting hurt will be minimal.

One of the common dangers in rainy conditions is poses slides, trips, and drops.  Those working at elevations causing a risk higher 15% of the individuals perishing from slides, trips and drops are from the end of the large buildings .one of the easiest method to avoid this kind of injuries is dress in appropriate clothing. The Health and Safety Executive (HSEs) provides the below ways for employees working in chilly and rainy weathers in the UK;

In cases of unfavorable weather, boots shoes, and sandals with smooth soles and heels, such as plastic and leather shoes. Instead, shoes and boots to be worn should have traction on the ground, shoes having a non-slip with the shoes sole having neoprene being the best for the weather.

A right size jacket that is not a light sweater should be worn to protect one in instances one might fall one. Should dress warmly but ensure that he or she can notice and listen to  what’s going on around him/her, if moreover, individuals require him/her to get out during the day; sunglasses should be by the individual to help one observe better to escape harm

Another measure to put into practice is getting used to the job surroundings to make it conducive to survive in the rainy seasons. Also, the HSEs has put into place some ways for ensuring workers are safe:

When placing outside external pavements make sure the make to be will not allow slides when water spills on it.

Inform people about the risk of using shortcuts by passing through risky routes like grass and over dirty pathways which can be slippery when it rains. Instead, build the shortcuts into favorable accessible roads on a new ground to put up a route, one should figure out how individuals will be moving around the path. Placing the course on right position from the beginning will save personal financial expenses finally.

Many of the slide injuries occur at tales entrances as individuals getting into the stories step in rain water. Placing canopies of favorable dimensions over epic entrances and in the correct position will help control the accidents.

If a canopy is not favorable one can opt using big absorbent mats or to place a better flooring at the entrance place which will prevent slips in case of rains.

Finally, drivers during storms should be informed of the rise in risk due to the unfavorable weather conditions. Stand overs can be a challenge since on the wet roads since friction occurring between vehicles wheels and the road surface is highly reduced.

In worst weather conditions it can lead to aquaplaning in cases, the steering does not yield any positive results. In case, it occurs loose off the accelerator and as you slowly and carefully come to a stop.

The distance to reach to a stop increase gradually a vehicle’s wheels contains a shallow tread depth. If the vehicle one is driving has a legal least tread length of 1.6 mm it will consume an extra 8metres to come to a halt at 50 mph during rains compared to a vehicle with 3mm.It is necessary hence that one considers the road conditions when measuring the stop distance and also observing your tires conditions often and maintaining the vehicle in the required conditions.

During the October 26th dawn and late evenings seem to be a little darker compared to other days of the year. This leads to a decrease in visibility ability which can be risky for those traveling to and from work despite the means of movement; by foot, motorcycle or vehicle. Some of the tips one should put into consideration include;

Even if an individual may often feel like dressing up warmly, one should ensure the clothing does not prevent one from clear seeing or block one from getting the traffic.

Dress in a bright colored scarf on the neck or head covering or shiny clothing, so one is easily noticeable from a distance.  Never dress in clothes or jackets that have a dull color or not bright enough to be easily seen.

In case you the driver, make sure you are aware of the vehicles controls. Always you should have in mind that driving at night without fully functioning front and back lights is not allowed and hence an illegal act if found out.

The driver or the owner of the vehicle or cars should check and confirm that the front and back lights are in good and working conditions and should be kept clean before and throughout the journey.

At the evening, it may be difficult to decide the driving speed comparing to distance since objects may appear to be near than they are or one may be driving at a faster speed than he is. To be ready for any impending danger one should maintain a driving speed which enables one to see dangerous spot and respond accordingly

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