Is Health and work A balanced Mix?

Is Health and work A balanced Mix?

Doctor Karen McDonnell, CFIOSH, CBiol MIBiol, MIPD, AIMA is finding out the best new and efficient methods to mix different qualities of the best medical practices in achieving the best conditions of health and in solving out work related issues in the UK according to the HSE.

Irrespective of what you can ask; whether a cocktail made from a vodka cranberry juice, orange flavored liquor and lime juice or a cocktail of vermouth. With the whisky or a cocktail made with gin and tonic water poured over ice, one expects the person to be skilled at making cocktails and to do it perfectly every time he does it. That is combining substances for making the cocktail with the required amounts every time to produce the perfect result. Mixing of the qualities of health and job to ensure the safety of the first assets at work; that is your workers is necessary for employers to make sure they feel appreciated, healthy and make them enthusiastic about doing the work required. This helps in ensuring the business maintains its high income and good service provision. Below are six steps in ensuring you pay close attention to the health and job-related issues which can be sorted out regarding your company needs and wants in the UK.

Step 1

It is important to find out if your workers have both the skills knowledge and a good experience from previous jobs for them to fit and do the work they interested in more so where the work is quite demanding and therefore needs commitment.

Step 2

Other than providing emergency assistance through first aid skills the Health and Safety personnel to deal with any health-related problem. Employees should display a quick and delicate concern with practical knowledge and give support primarily financial to the workers who are physical and mentally or emotionally hand capped, including those reporting to work after an illness or an individual was involved in a serious accident.

Step 3

Be involved with your employees in the workplace and try to inform them how to improve and enable the existence of their personal health and protection at their respective job places their families back at home and also you should assist them with finance and opportunities for them to obtain this.

Step 4

Through the teaching of particular skills, giving moral intellectual and social instructions to the people at work and engaging in a conversation among the employees would create a model of culture and human relation based on partnership, linking and respect where the manager and staff improving and maintaining safety and health in the UK.

Step 5

Decide on and arrange in advance, provide to the right recipient and observe while checking the progress or quality of the employees health and improvement strategy over a period to find out if it is efficiently working and are implementing the information acquired. Also, ensure employees display the knowledge they have gained during the time they have worked and publicly acknowledge and honor the achievements.

Step 6

Individuals should learn how to be reliant on their powers and resources rather than depending on others. Get the power yourself other than the help and financial support offered to help yourself and others to get this aims and goals in the UK.

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