Emergency Procedures to take into Account During an Emergency

Emergency Procedures to take into Account During an Emergency

With proper preparation, emergencies can be handled quickly and efficiently. Having a plan is essential. The plan should include the following;

  • How people will be alerted of the emergency when it occurs, paying special attention to times when there are not many people in the premises. This should be specific to the various possible emergencies so as not to cause confusion and panic.
  • Outline the appropriate steps to be taken when the emergency occurs to seek assistance and to efficiently avoid further danger. It is important to ensure accessibility of the premises. A map of where any dangerous items or substances are should be included.
  • Cautionary signs and signals should be put up where large amounts of dangerous substances are housed. In UK, above 25 tons is considered large amounts. It is also of great significance to alert the emergency response teams so that they may be prepared to properly handle the substances when need arises.
  • Allocate a safe place with adequate lighting and equipment to handle the various emergencies. This is of uttermost importance to ensure ease of rescue missions as well as avoid chaos in the face of an emergency. The safe place should be easily accessible and have enough room to accommodate all persons expected to be in the premises. All persons should know where the safe place is and the easiest way to get there from their various locations.
  • Ensure there are clearly marked and well accommodating emergency escape routes paying special attention to persons with disabilities. Organize people with the required skill and training to help handle the health and safety emergency by taking leadership roles. This will help maintain order and primary care can be offered on site.
  • Safety and efficiency of systems and electrical emergency shut-downs is paramount. Training on emergency response should be carried out for all persons within the premises. Drills should also be done every so often to ensure people are constantly alert and accustomed to how they should respond in case of an emergency.


All business should stop incase of emergencies only resuming when everybody is out of danger. Here it is important to emphasize that even when the emergency seems to be localized, checks and measures must be made to contain the situation before business resumes e.g. an electric fault in one block may be assumed to be localized but if uncontrolled could cause a power surge in a neighboring block posing danger to people using electrical appliances. These are some of the precautions that should be taken in case of an emergency in any business premise in UK.

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