Benefits of Using Twitter for Workplace Health and Safety Management

Benefits of Using Twitter for Workplace Health and Safety Management

Social media has become part and parcel of us right now and we can only try as much as possible to tap its benefit in the management of our businesses especially in terms of safety. Most of the business in the UK have assigned the health and safety matters in that company to a professional manager who oversees that all the operations conform to the laid down health protocols set the HSE. There are a number of benefits that the managers stand to gain when they use twitter in managing the health and safety matters in the organization.

It is easy to set up and use

Twitter is one of the easiest social media platforms that you can use. It is very fast to sign up since all that is required is a username of your choice, your email and password that you will be using to log into your account. Once your account has been set up, you can start following bodies such as HSE whose twitter handle is @HSE and other organizations that deal with workplace safety.

You are always in control

There are different organizations and individual that you can follow when you are on twitter. Following HSE and other health and safety organizations on titter will enable the manager receive latest news and health tips that he or she can implement at their workstation. The twitter application also has the capability of giving the user notifications when feeds are updated.


One advantage of using social media especially twitter is that you are always connected with your followers even when you are not at the office. Some health managers spend most of their times at the on-site and therefore they need a way to be informed of all the current trends in the world of health and safety. You will receive updates from people you are following however long you spend out of the office. The manager can also choose to retweet some and reply to message using their internet devices.


Twitter feeds are updated every second and you can be sure that you will be receiving the news as they come up. The manager will never be on the dark on any heath information that is updated by HSE.

Getting the best health and safety deals

It is the responsibility of the manager to make sure that the company they work for get the best deals in matters to do with health and safety of everyone. On twitter, there are multiple organizations that offer different safety packages in the UK and a twitter user will always be the first one to know of these deals. Different companies use twitter to promote their products and health packages. Be the first one to grab them.

Source of inspiration

Twitter is a good platform where you can connect with other health manager and know what they are up to. It is a platform from where you can share ideas and get advice on how to manage the health situation at your stations. Health managers in UK have also gone a notch hire to open up forums on twitter from where they converge and discuss different health & safety in UK. Never miss out on the opportunity to learn something new.

Platform to getting potential suppliers

A manager will most of the times ensure that the work station has enough health and safety supplier. When he/she is using twitter, it becomes easier to spot a supplier since you can view the feedback that they are getting from their past clients. You can choose between a number of suppliers and contractors on this platform.

A platform for sharing your knowledge and expertise

Apart from the fact that they can learn a lot from the other health and safety managers in UK, the manager can also use twitter to share their experiences by sharing tips and retweeting the advice from other people tour followers.

Twitter is an essential social media tool that the health and safety managers can utilize to ensure they have maximum safety at their workplaces.

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