What Type of Manager are You: Princess, a Parent or a Politician?

What Type of Manager are You: Princess, a Parent or a Politician?

As we went through our worker’s agreement contract, when it involves improving health and protection output, many of the employers realize that the employee’s commitment is the key to best performance. The key feature in promoting production is making sure there’s good communication between the workers and employers. With this at hand, we have collected short writings explaining three of standard leading methods while going through the advantages and disadvantages of each considering the real facts based in the UK. This makes up one of the objectives retired armies make good safety leaders and of great concern to the HSE.

The princess or the prince

The prince or princess leading methods is often famous for having a ruler management. Here the ruler is the only making conclusions, deciding depending on his or her understanding and hardly agrees with advice from other individuals. There are distinct advantages of this method, especially when making fast conclusions when working with lots of people sharing businesses, and an influential leader is needed to get work done quickly and efficiently. This makes up one of the objectives retired armies make good safety chiefs.

However, the disadvantage of this leading method is that as a princess alighting from her privileged retirement; workers can consider you as having no connection to the ideal workshop where other productions besides administration are carried out. It also enables a condition of subordinating, where the workers will be so dependent on managerial conclusions since they cannot decide without being watched over.

The parent

This is a time referred to as an advisory method of management; this approach is still basically a ruler method of managing when copying information from the leader to the employees. This is, however, a better way of controlling compared to The Princess figuring out that the HSE gives the best wants of the workers and the company consideration. Like the overall manager must present on the resolutions to the employees and they should agree, making the workers feel appreciated while ensuring the respect of the employer-worker is maintained.

The HSE recommends that the importance of this is that it makes recognition of the employees which assist in enhancing the enthusiasm and devotion, and hence, minimize job associated strains. Employers will be highly involved in the workers’ health and ensure they go often read the health and safety rules and procedures to ensuring employees are aware of any unknown job risk in the UK.

The disadvantage of this managing method is it also can raise workers dependency on managers hence preventing creative work in the company.

The politician

The last one is the Politician. It is known as a diplomatic method of leading where the leader allows the workers to give views and allows any creative work. Hence, the conclusions are made by a group of members with a length of time required to come up with a major conclusion.

Like the consulting leaders, the diplomat method of leadership assists in enhancing the employees’ enthusiasm and increase their devotion. This is basically of importance when it comes to complex problems, where individual process and advice is necessary like in profession of health and safety in the UK.

The disadvantage of this type of management is that it will result in confusion,  and make the company slow or lack a rudder especially when fast adverse decisions is required. It can also make some workers feel like they are left out during the implementation of this rules especially if they are not giving consideration their suggestions.

 The magic number

As you have most likely learned, the best type of leaders carry out the three roles, using each skill appropriately to ensure maximum production and success of the organization.It is best suited for the situation one faces the current changes in the rules and regulations indicating that lack of good health and safety measures could cause criminal cases. For example, if the employee and the employer have to be put to jail for not observing the legal requirements in the legal act of the UK. Like you and your company members getting detained hence it is important to create a healthy environment, so the workers feel recognized and appreciated while you ensure your role as a reliable and capable leader are kept constant.

Behavioral safety educational training can positively help one place to practice workable changes to responses and mentality of people in the workplace enabling the manager to put in a management method based on devotion, respect, and good cooperation –three main basics for avoiding getting sick or harmed at the workplace.

Paul Lynchehaun, Director for hygiene and protection, Environment and Quality (Europe Hub), from Laing O’Rourke, will be addressing people at Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents yearly Building Health and Safety Conference concerning the traditional cultural improvements through communication in company employees with employers in the UK.

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