Great ways to motivate your team members

Great ways to motivate your team members

Team morale – the magic ingredient

Every good manager knows that well-motivated people make teams with high morale, and teams that have that magic ingredient consistently outperform those that don’t. A team with high morale can achieve pretty much anything it puts its mind to, while a team with poor morale is still trying to get out of bed in the morning.

Effective managers also know that recruitment is a highly competitive marketplace; attracting and keeping the brightest and best people in the company are possibly the most important thing any company and its HR department can do – even above “Customer focus”. Putting your customers first is of course still a vital policy, but at the end of the day, as Richard Branson famously said, “It’s your people who do the interacting with customers. Get that right, and everything else will fall into place.”

So, it’s no surprise that employee benefits platforms have developed far beyond the simple ‘performance-related bonus’ or discounted membership of the local gym. The days when a company could attract the best people by offering “Luncheon Vouchers” are long gone, and mostly forgotten.

Increasingly sophisticated benefits

These days the focus is on offering increasingly sophisticated, carefully tailored employee benefits packages. Of course, that comes with a cost attached, so companies are naturally looking for every possible way to leverage maximum value from their incentive offerings.

There are two sides to this coin: on the one hand, HR departments need simple, effective and easy-to-use software solutions to help them to administer complex individual benefits packages. The latest and best of these platforms go way beyond simple recording functions, to offer advanced engagement and management presentation tools – doing an effective, ‘in-the-round’ PR job on the whole concept of employee benefits, making it an easier sell to employees and senior managers alike.

More engaged people

Another advantage of using an advanced software tool to manage your employee benefits platform is that it can be a powerful way to encourage employees to be more engaged on multiple levels – with their job, with their teammates, with the company and of course, with their own benefits package.

Latest management thinking suggests that engagement, in all its aspects, is one of the biggest factors that directly feeds into morale, teamwork, and productivity – and therefore, ultimately, to the bottom line.

Sharp, focused, intelligent and fully engaged teams produce an energy that you can feel when you walk into an office staffed by people like that. It’s like static electricity, a million miles from a room full of sullen faces, heads down, hoping the boss doesn’t notice they’re on Facebook.

Given the strengths of the arguments, it would be a brave company board of directors that did not quickly grasp the nettle and approve sensible and prudent investment in making their company a genuine ‘go-to’ and ‘stay-with’ employer.

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