How To Deal With Accidents As An Employer

How To Deal With Accidents As An Employer

With the Health Safety and Environment(HSE), traveling while driving a vehicle and relative activities is one most risky work that all of us will carry out every day. However, there are different extents of the dangers. If your profession is one that comprise navigating deep waters, fish farming or getting up trees with chainsaws projecting outward, there will be a high risk involved here. For many people, jumping into vehicles and ensuring it works perfectly well is the riskiest part of the day which is not the real danger since the car may develop failures mechanically. What’s to be done to minimise threats both the workers and the company? The following will explain out in detail what to expect from every professional driver, especially in the UK. However, it is important to note that security on the road is paramount for every single individual, and it is necessary that while driving everyone is safe for all the road users.

In every single road accident, that occurs on the road there are victims and those responsible for the incident.It is important that we visualize how major traffic accidents happen by having information from many of the traffic offenders in the UK. A spot check on some of the drivers involved in traffic accidents majority is sometimes from drinking sprees and are hence under alcohol influence according to HSE someone is not supposed to drink and drive. The law prosecutes such individuals with huge fines to discourage habits of such offenders.For instance, 25% of road accidents in the UK are caused by festival holidays after taking liquor and partying after that trying to drive around in the drunken stupor. Another leading cause of accidents is ignorance, for example, a driver who just drives recklessly without considering on coming traffic on junctions qualifies to be the ignorant type. Motorists using the main highway and changing wings in continuous lines result in accidents due to ignorance.The inappropriate use of road signs and warnings lead in fatal accidents only because the motorists and the other road users ignore the use of the road signs.The road signs in the Uk are classified widely into two categories that are informative and the warning signs, and it is for this reason that even pedestrians should learn to use them appropriately.

Pedestrians have been down by speeding motorist by not making use of the crossing lines and flyovers and hence most result to deaths which account for almost 30% of the total pedestrian deaths on the roads.The informative signs as HSE recommend for the good of the general public in the UK, and hence, anyone who is liable to ignoring them has to face the arm of the law.

Warning signs, for example, the warning for skidding especially in winter are most drivers ignore them and instead accelerate blindly with considering the nature of roads they are using when its winter season in the UK. Cars according to the HSE  in the main accidents lose control and then turn off the road into the side banks where they finally hit with an impact significant enough to set them rolling. Many drivers have died due to their ignorance which gets them into road accidents that otherwise an be easily done away with by following and adhering to the road signs and warnings.In the UK, people assume that the invention of technologically advanced cars will quickly rescue them from ugly accidents which are not true in reality. Automated cars and motors come with their own challenges and demerits for example loosing the grip of the steering will automatically result to loose in direction.

For many people, when a person includes his/herself in an accident we mainly see the final result of the crash. However, it is necessary to find out the causes of this risks to enable come up with ways to prevent the accident from happening at all.In the UK when someone gets involvement in an accident and he/she is to face charges as a traffic offender the court has to first read the charges and the reason they are to in court. The charges can serve well in reminding the offender which section of the traffic laws and regulations he/she broke.

Accident Overview

A 23year old Dave, who is a network expert in communication, drives his vehicle to work. He/she may be involved in an accident while driving he is involved in a terrible accident at the roundabout traffic light where he knocked down a motorcyclist.


The night prior the accident, Dave was with his pals playing football. After gaming, Dave left to get one glass of regular beer with average alcohol content in a club. After the drink, Dave felt hungry and decided to take a meal to the chip shop, and he purchased some fish and potatoes. Dave made the meal at home and stayed in bed at 11.30pm. The next day, Dave slept without hearing the alarm awoke 60minutes later. He quickly got up without taking any meal as he was running against time. Dave while driving started getting nervous since he had evaded a driving assessment when he had gone late the last time.

Research on the causes of accidents often it is through noticing the industries rules and practices. Improvements in traffic rule likely to expose the failures to the courts.As Dave got to job, then his manager give him the job sheet to leave for work immediately despite Dave’s pleas to take breakfast before departing. Dave also told the manager to go for the usual vehicle checkup, but he rejected saying the vehicle was in good condition.

The incident

When Dave got to work, he was excited to be fast, and he was going to do it with little ease.

At noon, Dave was speeding in the direction of a packed roundabout. The lights were lit green with a speed limit of 30MPH, but as he passed through the roundabout, he knocked on something. Dave only saw his clothing as he tried to come down with no success and saw the motorcycle had passed on, unfortunately. However, what follows?

The arguments

However, views are objecting to Dave driving being in the wrong, and the motorcyclist was the one in the wrong, let’s consider the increasing chances of Dave risks;  Dave being a 32year old and having a vehicle to job place increase his chances of crashing.Dave’s feeding habit that is taking in meals late and lifestyle where he is sleeping a lot could be a risk.Avoiding meals could low ones ability to pay attention, feel tired at noon since the blood sugar level becomes less and sight sense becomes small.Dave had missed his planned assessment test; Dave has poor communication with the manager, and him van had not gone through the usual checks.


Police officers come to the site and commence their investigations. Dave might will be put in prison since this will view killing. His phone and van will be looked at precisely, and the police people will fill the STATS 19 report of the crash where the weekdays, time, how old the driver is and the environment conditions also taken down. Moreover, the police will find out if the travel was job-related and also will question persons nearby concerning the incident. At Dave workplace, they expect to find;

Accident history of Dave, the industry policies, telemetry information, the dangers assessments, the educational training information, the phone calls, the insurance of the van documents, driving road license and recordings of the individual times of reporting also will be looked at considering the delay. Moreover, for the employer, he or she should have this requirement for the police officers to access them quickly.

What one can do

An individual should be familiar with the drivers and make them come up with the organizations MORR rules and regulations the methods and equipment and educating campaigns. Carry out often the toolbox discussions of driving issues, health, and general comfortability. Ensure everyone understands.Make sure the company has an active and well-known accident investigating body and make the group increases in volume. Make sure you do safety checks on the vehicles before being released to go to work. This checking should be written down and kept for future use. Include a risk detecting and report system in the vehicles and the safety book.

Give the driver information and assess dangers for that thought to be in jeopardy. Write down the individual the vehicle number and the distance to that he/she will cover. It is also necessary that you carry out daily updates on the records with the HSE  to ensure that the files which are indicated each day show agreement with internal regulations and enthusiasm to raise the safety levels.

Come up with new safe management skills at least at half year to make sure they are flexibility and compatibility of the guidelines. Have your machines checked by the third individual to get accurate results? Driver’s records should be updated daily and quickly accessed by the police officers following a road accident by the workers. Educate all the managerial employees to have information and the creativity in accordance to the management road dangers. Managers are required to figure out the effect of specific events resulting in a rise in traffic accidents. Evaluation hence is necessary.This was written down by Colin Knight _Management of Occupational Road Risk auditor.

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