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There’s over 10 million people registered as having a disability in the UK and employers have a responsibility to provide facilities for disabled people in the workplace. The equality act of 2010 legislates that employees with disabilities, share exactly the same employment rights as other workers. This act also states that employers are expected to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ within the workplace with regards to access and facilities for disabled staff. There’s the obvious changes which need to be made, such [...]

It’s a given in the removals industry that we deal with some pretty heavy objects, which have to be transported in some pretty difficult to reach places. At Richardson Moving & Storage, we have transported everything from antiques, to Grand Pianos, to gravestones – so we have experience in moving almost everything, with time spent considering the risks of each individual move. This means that Health & Safety is a crucial part of our everyday work, it’s something which [...]

OSHA violations, in the popular mind, are a damning indictment of the company, a scarlet letter that indicates that the company has a complete disregard for employee safety. In reality, the most common OSHA violations are relatively minor or issues that raise risks for employees but are not outright dangerous. That said, OSHA violation fines spiked 80% in the final years of the Obama administration, so it is costly to receive even a minor one. OSHA violations can have [...]

Everyone knows asbestos is dangerous, but not everyone thinks it’s something that could impact them or their business. Exposure to asbestos can have quite complex and severe effects on the body. There’s an increased likelihood of laryngitis, fluid in the lungs, portions of the lungs becoming airless, and an aggressive lung cancer called mesothelioma, which usually takes 40-50 years to show symptoms. In March 2014, mesothelioma victims who “can’t trace a liable employer” were able to claim compensation packages of £123,000 [...]

Being a self-employed tradesman in the UK, it makes a lot of sense to get public liability insurance to protect yourself from heavy legal costs, should a client, third party or general public member sue you for personal injuries or damages to their property. Some of the top UK insurance companies providing self-employed liability cover, can offer coverage for up to £5 million (depending on the level of cover desired), so that you have financial protection from claims filed against [...]

We Have Compiled A List Of The Best Picture Editing Tools For Small Business Owners As a small-business owner, you probably do not have the resources to purchase industry-leading software/tools. Nevertheless, you may still want to process images and photos for your website or offline media.  Blogs are now at the core of a sophisticated marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. There are so many diverse imaged editing programs, software add-ons, and tools to choose from, as a business owner/professional [...]

If your business is subject to quick growth, or you are simply looking for a way to stay organised and on top of employees, then implementing a HR (human resource) software is a very worthwhile step to take in order to ensure that your business continues to run efficiently and actively. Cezanne HR software allows you to keep track of your employees, measuring their absence, time spent, performance, recruitment matters, and compensation; it also helps to ensure that everyone [...]

The warehouse at the best of times can be a very dangerous environment. At any given moment, the risk of accidents and injuries lurk in places you might not deem it possible to have an accident! However, with the help of Boplan, they can offer you a variety of safety implements to ensure your warehouse is as safe as it can be. Clearly lit and clutter-free fire exits, excellent housekeeping and up-to-date Health and Safety policies are just some of [...]

Industries are developing new ways to create better work conditions. One of the key aspects of responsible operations that industry authorities are continuously improving is Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management. With the level of attention directed toward protecting workers and the environment, companies are prompted to have a solid HSE management program in place. Thankfully, there are institutions that provide different training courses that cover HSE management. You have everything from IOSH Training Courses to different NEBOSH courses and [...]

The relationship between sales transactions and record-keeping has always been a crucial one in the hospitality industry and it remains the same till date. From restaurants marrying back-end and front-end activities to hotels that need to integrate billable amenities, the point of sale or POS environment is important if they must operate successfully. Evolution of POS in the hospitality industry From the late 19th century when the first cash register was invented to the early eighties, businesses in the hospitality sector [...]