Digital Marketing For A Global Audience

Digital Marketing For A Global Audience

When it comes to promoting a company, doing so internationally requires a different set of skills. There are new factors to take account of, so new strategies come to the fore. Understanding how to connect with people from multiple cultures, when those people are also able to connect with each other and discuss what you’re doing, takes careful planning. These tips can help you make a good start.

Focus On Your Global Brand

Most international companies target their products and services across different regions at different times, rather than taking a one size fits all approach to marketing campaigns. This means that when global strategies are being developed, they should focus not on individual campaigns but on building up the brand.

A global brand needs to be consistent across all the areas in which it operates. This means that it should provide a consistent level of service, ensure that products are of the same quality everywhere, have the same health and safety policy in its production units and take the same ethical approach to its supply chain. News of any failures in this regard, even where local standards may be lax, can quickly travel to regions where it is damaging. A great way to market your brand is to research, you can do this by using Circle research, some of the best Market researchers around.


Understand Your Range Of Markets

Where you are speaking to people from different cultures at the same time, you need an approach that is adequate for doing business in all those different contexts, and which is designed to minimise any risk of offence. You also need to understand the nuances of each market so that you can effectively integrate your locally focused campaigns with your international strategy. This means devoting substantial resources to research, and where possible, getting local people on board. It can require a significant investment but it will pay off over time and decrease the risk of expensive failures.

Build A Suitable Business Persona

Business is always done best when it’s face to face, and going global doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with that. Developing a business persona that fits your global audience can give your international communications the personal touch. Using the services of a web content agency as part of a carefully structured digital marketing strategy lets you build up resources that are interesting and valuable to your diverse site visitors, at the same time as providing your business with a relatable personality.

Develop Global Promotion Techniques

When it comes to promoting your business, your site and its content, it’s important to realise that globally, there is no all-encompassing social media model. In the West, few marketing platforms are as effective as Facebook, but in China and nearby countries, you will need to be on Renren, and the promotional materials you produce will need to be adaptable across these different media. You’ll need stats and analytical tools for each platform you use, and will need to optimise content both technologically and culturally.

Global digital marketing is an area where it really is worthwhile investing in professional expertise, either in-house or through outsourcing. It’s all too easy to slip up, but with the right strategy and talent, the world is your oyster.


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