Why It’s Time To Get In, Down Under – Introducing Umbrellar.nz

Why It’s Time To Get In, Down Under – Introducing Umbrellar.nz

Umbrellar is the biggest web hosting company in New Zealand. With the recent merging and combining of previous online services, the provider’s web presence has been established since 1997, making it a keen competitor on a global stage – even compared with cheap packages available with global American hosting. The company has brought together the strength of over ten domain and hosting services, including the domain registrars, Freeparking, Digiweb and Web Drive. The business has already sold 250,000 domains with ‘dot nz’, and has a client list of over 75,000 happy customers. The merger of over ten secured and established home-grown Kiwi web companies has meant that the tried and tested secure web infrastructure – coupled with government investments to further improve already good connection speeds – will mean a world class online service, set to rival any US hosting service for a competitive price.

What Makes a Hosting Provider the Best for Your Small to Medium Business?

The right host for your online web presence can mean the difference to your entire business. Whether it’s through the effective communication of a medium business with offices around the country, continent or worldwide, the maintenance and running of the site itself along with upkeep and online marketing, right down to the monthly running costs, any of the above being substandard were too high a risk for any small business to take, meaning that, until recently, they would usually opt for a web host with an American server, losing any benefits that a local domain and host, applicable to the country of business origin, could bring.

The prevalence of US company ‘Go Daddy’ in the global market accounts for a staggering 6% of the entire internet’s domain names, so it is easy to see why those in English speaking companies feel they are in safe hands with that sort of industry influence and brand reliability.

What Are New Zealand’s New Opportunities?

With New Zealand’s new investment opportunities in local web hosting, the question of, ‘if there wasn’t a market before, why would the new introduction of local ‘.nz’ or ‘.kiwi’ domains suddenly open up a goldmine?’ To those with reading with widening eyes of opportunity, you’re barking up the right tree. It is worth knowing that ‘Go Daddy’, the largest hosting site in the world, saw a gleaming opening in the new National Broadband Network (NBN) being rolled out across the entire land mass of Australia. Go Daddy opened its doors in Australian offices a couple of years ago, offering local ‘.au’ domains and hosting services. In their extensive research they estimated that Australia alone had over a million SMBs that, due to the issues of infrastructure and internet usability, didn’t have an online presence – a huge potential market.

The added changes to the network in New Zealand are going to make the country a promising location for future online trading. The local web hosting and domains ending in ‘.nz’ and ‘.kiwi’ are ready to be snapped up by local trades and international businesses. Web hosting in New Zealand is becoming a huge area of interest for those with an eye for SEO, Lead Generation and trading through E-commerce. Slick local server improvements offer a new, golden standard in consumer and user peace of mind in Australasia, offering reliability and 99.9 uptime guarantee, making them a competitive option for those who require a local host for both smaller businesses in New Zealand or for those wanting to reach out to the international stage.

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