Regulation of UK Private Detectives For Private Investigator Maidenhead in Berkshire

Regulation of UK Private Detectives For Private Investigator Maidenhead in Berkshire

In 2013, the Home Secretary made an announcement of the Government’s target for the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to manage private inspection activities which include Private Investigator Maidenhead in Berkshire. In the month of December 2014, the government through the Home Office announced plans to have statutory licenses for private instigations come into effect at the earliest possible opportunity in the next session of parliament that was to commence in May of 2015. The certification of private detectives, however, still didn’t begin in the UK.
Collaborations between the Home Office which is saddled with the task of introducing the private investigation sector regulation and the SIA will be upheld. The “Get licensed” criteria will be updated before the date for the regulation, through their collaboration with the security industry, while they will also disseminate further information about the plan to regulate private investigations. Immediately the SIA arrives at a conclusion with the Home Office about possible timings, this would be revealed too.

Who Will Require a Licence? (

Private Investigator Maidenhead ( ask where to get a private investigator license? The licensable activities of private investigations are defined in the Private Security Industry Act 2001 and a license can be obtained through a reputable training institution. The Home Office plans to evaluate this explanation to make sure that it remains suitable for the aim. Therefore, it is recommended to consult Home Office to get the answer for questions relating to whether particular activities will be licensable in future.
The act states that any private investigator or private detective will require a licence from the SIA if they are to engage in inquiries, surveillance or investigations that are conducted with the intention of.

  • gaining information about a specific person or about that specific person’s location or activities
  • gather the details about the conditions upon which properties were lost or damaged A license will be needed by any person who carries out private investigation services under contract
  • These persons will include staff, supervisors, managers, owners, partners and directors of companies involved in private investigations

There is no confirmation yet as to whether the Home Office also intends to come up with regulations for internal private investigations.
Director, for the purposes of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, means executive and non-executive directors, parent firm directors and business institutions that have directorship.
Services not required to be licensed as per the Act include.

  • activities that have the sole intention to serve for market research
  • services to determine credit worthiness
  • expert activities of working solicitors and Barristers
  • professional work engaged in by accountants
  • professional activities of reporters and broadcasters, and activities that have a sole intention to provide information to broadcasters and reporters
  • undertakings entirely associated to records which are accessible to the public; documents to which an individual can access as well as published works
  • investigations that the subject is aware of and to which he agrees


Penalties for being involved in private investigations without licensing will be.

  • If found guilty by a Magistrate’s Court, Sheriff Court or District Court, a maximum sentence of six months in prison and a fine of £5,000

When one supplies staff that is not licensed, the penalty will be.

  • having been convicted at a District Court, Sherriff’s Court or a Magistrate’s Court, the maximum penalty will be imprisonment for 6 months and / or fine not exceeding 5000 pounds.
  • having been convicted after prosecution at a Higher Court, Crown Court, Sheriff or a Justiciary and any trial involving a jury, the maximum penalty will be imprisonment for 5 months and / or fine that is unlimited ( at the discretion of the court)

License ready Private Investigator Maidenhead is pleased to declare that we have attended the required training and have passed all the examinations and standard and is now license ready. What this implies to our current and future clients is that there will be no disruption of services during the shift.
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