Businesses and Trades: Gaining National Accreditation – Which? TRUSTED TRADERS

Businesses and Trades: Gaining National Accreditation – Which? TRUSTED TRADERS

The Which? Consumer Association is a registered British founded charity, first established in 1957.

The company enlists the help of over 550,000 subscribers. These members help to review and assess the safety, proficiency and overall quality of a range of products, services and business trades.

For those in the construction and interior design trades, the companies that invest their time to seek and attain the Which? seal of approval will have a great reputation across the trade industry. The process to become Which? approved entails through assessment of a business’ service from start to finish.

Following the scary focus on less than adequate quality tradesmen being named and shamed on voyeuristic TV programs such as Rogue Traders and BBC Watchdog.  While they may to offer better deals, unregulated trades undercut other competition in terms of price, the less qualified a service-person or business appears, the more likely you won’t be covered in terms of insurance, quality assurance and after-care. The instantaneous upload of bad service is also a tool used on Twitter and Facebook, giving back control to otherwise helpless homeowners that have ultimately been taken for a proverbial ride for a substandard service.

Home-owners are beginning to be more thorough, with a growing amount of those researching online review sites such as ‘Check a Trade’ and checking for Which? accreditation.

Taking a specialist trade such as GJP Floor Sanding, with branches in Brighton and more recently, London, much of their trade will depend on exceptional online reviews, testimonials and word of mouth. This fashionable yet financially viable way to increase a home selling value via the restoration of wooden floors is an ever-popular service that many are deciding to opt for, paying to have it carried out by professionals.

What Do You Need To Become Approved?

To become approved by the Which Consumer Association as a Trusted Trader of the United Kingdom, the following steps must be passed. GJP Sand Flooring are proud to tradesmen at GJP Flooring aside from much of South UK’s competition. With over 30 years of combined experience they are now Which? approved, adhering to the consumer trades acts’ strict guidelines:

SOLVENT CREDIT RATING – All Which? Approved Traders must prove that they are financially stable to run their business by passing a credit background check by their auditors.  The GJP Floor Sanding Company have a sound financial rating.

REFERENCES – Which? Trusted Traders such as GJP Flooring are subject to random checks on our current, prior and existing customers, interviewing them about the level of satisfaction our business delivers for them.

BUSINESS METHODS and processes have been thoroughly scrutinised for structure and satisfactory administrative practices.

INTERVIEW and ASSESSMENT – Every year, our staff receives visits from the assessment team who interview them for excellence on the job and customer service principles.

CODE OF CONDUCT – GJP Floor Sanding Company is a member of Which? Trusted Traders and has signed an agreement to abide by its standard rules and regulation

ENDORSED TRADER – The London and Brighton GJP Floor Sanding companies areboth Which? recognised businesses and we aim to guarantee our customers the most professional, high standard and delivery of service.

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