Here are 5 ways of how volunteering can be of importance to your organization

Here are 5 ways of how volunteering can be of importance to your organization

Charity volunteering has always been at the hearts of many people in UK. However, due to the increasing pressure from commitments, sometimes we find it hard to volunteer as much as we would like. Every organization usually has corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets that they hope to achieve at the end of each year. Spending a few hours volunteering at a local hospital or a food bank can serve many advantageous not only to an individual but to the whole organization as a whole. Let us look at some of the ways that charity work can bring positivity to your workplace in UK.

Boosting morale

It is usually the task of occupational safety personnel to ensure the safety of people in different workplaces. This makes them feel good everyday knowing that they have saved lives by providing the necessary safety. However, organizing a special charity work will help boost the morale of the health and safety personnel and make them more productive in their main jobs. Charity work helps bring that feel good factor in the organization and everyone will be looking forward to working more.

Team building technique

Many organizations in the UK pay close attention to the way that their employees interact with one another and also with the management .This is mainly because team cohesion is one of the greatest factors that influences the success of any business. Charity work involves working together as a team and as a manger, organizing for one also means that you have the chance to interact with the employees you do not know very well. Modern organizations try to come up with concepts that can help tighten their team and charity volunteering is one of them.

Developing on skills and an opportunity to gain new ones

When on the charity, it is an opportune moment for the team to try and develop on the skills they have and even try out new ones. Decision making, leadership and communication skills are some that can be improved when taking part in a charity event. Volunteering task are not confined to a certain way of doing them and so everyone has a chance to experiment on new ways that can help in achieving success in the exercise. It is also a chance to get to know the skills that your employees have which they may never have showcased before. Working together as a team during volunteering gives the employees the capacity to come up with different ways that they can simplify tasks and achieve a certain objective.

It is a way of connecting with the community

For an organization to succeed, internal and external factors come to play. External factors in this case is the community from which the organization operates. When the people in the community speak positively about your organization, chances are that you are on the right path to success and one way to get them to do that is making sure that you introduce charity exercises. Just like in the case of a health and safety officer getting a safety reward, appreciation from the community mean a lot to future progress of the organization. Making sure that your employee interact with the community is a good thing. There is also a high possibility that you may meet potential clients during your organizations interaction with the community. Involving the community on some activities of the organization will also attract their interest in what you are offering.

There are lots of benefits that the organizations stand to benefit by offering volunteering services to the community. The organization can spot potential employees that have set of skills which will be of help to the company. This is the best chance to recruit such an employee.

The other benefits that the organization can benefit is the fact that the employees can spend some quality time having fun. This breaks the monotony of being at work the whole week. Health and safety work is one kid of stressful work that requires a lot of commitment and having charity tasks can be an awesome way of breaking boosting the morale of the employees. We all need a break which we can use to recharge and get back to our productive ways. The organization can go beyond the normal corporate social responsibility and try and take full advantage of what volunteering actually offers.

Volunteering also helps the organization redefine its brand and also they can use that opportunity to advertise themselves to potential investors. Health and safety is a sector that is very wide and covers many industries. Volunteering can also paint a good image of the organization and its reputation. People are always looking out for companies that are known to have good reputations to invest in, or work for them. High caliber employees are also looking for companies that allow their employees to take part in volunteering activities.

Health and safety does not just stop at our workplaces. As safety experts, we need to get involved in voluntary services so that we can have the morale and passion to continue providing necessarily safety in organizations in UK.

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