Thinking of Getting a POS Machine for Your Hospitality Business? Get an EPOS Solution Instead!

Thinking of Getting a POS Machine for Your Hospitality Business? Get an EPOS Solution Instead!

The relationship between sales transactions and record-keeping has always been a crucial one in the hospitality industry and it remains the same till date. From restaurants marrying back-end and front-end activities to hotels that need to integrate billable amenities, the point of sale or POS environment is important if they must operate successfully.

Evolution of POS in the hospitality industry

From the late 19th century when the first cash register was invented to the early eighties, businesses in the hospitality sector combined paper transactions with manual cash registers. At that point, employees had to manually transcribe data two or more times. Fast forward to the mid-nineties and businesses started using desktop computers to run the POS software that had been developed. This eliminated the need to manually copy data as it could be transferred between computers because disks could be used.

The beginning of the modern single entry POS we know today was marked by the introduction of a technology that worked by having software systems within a local network linked. Finally, we have the electronic POS or EPOS systems which are based on cloud computing. With the technology, businesses are able to integrate almost all the aspects of their operations into one system in the cloud. Now, the hospitality industry is at its most efficient.

Why EPOS is a no-brainer for hospitality businesses

Like every other business, hospitality businesses need to lower costs and EPOS systems do that better than traditional systems which can go up to thousands of pounds in costs for both purchase and installation. With an EPOS however, you can use any available hardware you have, which could be an iPad. You can even perform the installation yourself and don’t have to deal with any upfront costs.

Also, you’ll get to skip the repair costs you would have had to pay from time to time if you were using a traditional POS machine instead. Beyond the cost factor, EPOS systems offer hospitality businesses other benefits like ease of use, efficiency and scalability. According EPOS solutions provider Vend, “No matter how complex the operations of a business are, EPOS systems allow businesses grow and scale up as the business does.” Clearly, businesses can do so much more with the right POS system in place.

For businesses that still use bulky cash registers, an upgrade to an EPOS system will help them get rid of problems related to limited space, cleaning around the machine, and having to keep it plugged in. With your EPOS system on your iPad, staff can move around both within the premises of your business and anywhere else you need to accept payments. Also, your customers will be pleased to find that they no longer have to queue to make payments. Besides, you’ll look more modern and forward-thinking to your customers which can be good for your image, especially when other similar businesses haven’t caught on to the technology yet.

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